Top Ten Fire Emblem Characters That Should Be Added to Super Smash Bros.

As you may know, Fire Emblem is the formerly Japanese exclusive series of Nintendo that has gotten popular over the years. On top of that, it spawned many great characters, including: mages, axe fighters, spear wielders, pegasus knights, manaketes and beasts, etc. So my question is, if another Fire Emblem character was added, who would you want it to be?

The Top Ten

1 Hector

Hector is one of my favorite lords, and one of the few that uses an axe in their primary form. He was a friend of Eliwood (Roy's father), and had a unique fighting style in Rekka no Ken. There is potential for alts, like the bearded Hector from Binding Blade, or colors inspired by Lyn and Eliwood. I think Hector and his axe would be unique additions to Smash.

OHO - SavageCBBage89

Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances, Lances beat Swords...


2 Tiki

I love her.

Tiki is one of the few characters in the series to be playable in two games. She is a manakete, which in short words, is a human who can turn into a dragon, and live thousands of years. Tiki would bring uniqueness to Smash with her ability, and have a kickass moveset as well.

3 Lyn

Have you ever played her in Warriors? #easymode

Just beacause

4 Ephraim

Only because my name is Ephraim

5 Chrom

The obligatory choice here. I don't think Chrom should be added into Smash. Not because he would be an Ike clone, but because A. We have enough representation of Awakening, and B. He's part of Robin's final Smash. Chrom could've brought a nice moveset. He is a relative of Narth and has shown a unique fighting style in the cutscenes.

6 Kamui

The protagonist of Fates, he/she would be a recognizable addition to Smash. I am not well informed on Fates right now, but from what I know, Kamui can turn into a beast, which would be an interesting final smash.

His/her name in the English version is actually Corrin, but whatever.

7 Anna

The red headed merchant that somehow has many look alikes that have the same job (why does that sound familiar Nurse Joy? ), she too, has appeared in multiple games. I'm surprised Lucina was added before her, because anyone that played Awakening or any other game she appeared in would know her before Lucina, who is just... Martha.

8 Leif

It might not be a good fit with Smash (especially since Robin kinda has the swordmage thing covered), but it'd be cool to have Leif - or really any of the healer main characters. Plus he could have a Final Smash based on the whole Master Knight thing to showcase every weapon and magic in the franchise except the transforming ones.

9 Micaiah
10 Black Knight

The Newcomers

? Mordecai

Because he's a beautiful man, he's like the Waluigi of Fire Emblem

The Contenders

11 Sigurd

Too bad hardly anyone knows who he is

I'd personally rather have him or Seliph over Lucina. Especially since FE4 is one of the most popular games in the series. - TheMaelstromKing

12 Ranulf
13 Oliver

Don't take this one seriously.

14 Karel
15 Arvis
16 Alvis
17 Denning

This is a message from Lord Nergal...
"I await you at the Dread Isle."

18 Lilina
19 Seliph
20 Alm
21 Eirika
22 Linus
23 Nergal

Because DRAGONS. Also because FE is represented entirely by heroes at this point and it'd be fun to offset that with the most cacklingly insane villain in the franchise that doesn't use a sword.

24 Athos
25 Zephiel
26 Camilla
27 Takumi Takumi

It would be nice if Smash had an kick arse archer! - shawnwalker

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