Best Fire Emblem: Fates Characters

Fire Emblem: Fates is without a doubt my favorite game of 2016 (so far, I guess). Its main campaign, that had to be split in two versions and the perfect gameplay were two main reasons!
However the characters of the game were absolutely fantastic as well! That's why I decided to create a list of the ten best characters in Fire Emblem: Fates!

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1 Takumi Takumi

Takumi was such a good and developed character. I love how he didn't love your Avatar like the other siblings did because it seems more realistic to be more skeptical about someone you don't know raised in the enemy country for so long. He is so human with his constant worry and his belittlement of himself (that makes me sad because I love him so, so much).

He had made Conquest all the more painful to play because he really wanted to bond with you, but just couldn't express and ended up the way he did in the end. Protect this cinnamon roll/

Use in the game, A+ because he crits so much (at least for me). Also his son is great too to be honest. - JojoBean

Takumi is my favorite character without a doubt. I love his personality, and his design. I litarlly wouldn't play conquest because you have to fight Takumi. It would make me cry too much.. (please excuse my spelling errors)

He became my favorite character before I even played the game. I also have a crush on him and people saying he sucks will get my fist in their faces. He was also my best unit and I used him pretty much all the time. Because I love Takumi so much I don't like conquest that much...


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2 Camilla

I liked that last part you said about Camilla, CastlevaniaFanboy128. It's official. Fire Emblem is a guilty pleasure and a great video game series. And Camilla has quite a unique personality and is pretty intimidating. Other than that, I love her. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Good character, but her fandom is rude, perverted, whiners, and immature horny boys. You thought Rosalina's or Tifa's fans are that way

Camilla is sweet, tough, and funny. She's a great combination of these characteristics, making her lovable.

3 Arthur

Beware his fists of Justice! Normally most Fighters are actually some standard characters... EXCEPT Arthur, because this guy, I mean Super Hero made my Conquest run even more entertaining than it actually was!

"When will this bad luck streak end? "

This Character Is A T.V. Show

4 Ryoma

Awesome character, and his weapon is so powerful!

As a Fire Emblem fan, I have always liked the characters that are strong leaders and have one of the sacred blades. He is very cool and instantly became my favorite FE character after chapter 25 in the Conquest route.

He's very dependable as a unit, and very cool as a character. - jatboy

Lobster boy

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5 Charlotte

She's an Interesting character and has lots of depth to her. She tried to be fragile and lady like but she couldn't be a Royal guard since she was too fragile so now she's a border gaurd.

Charlotte is a BEAST in all my playthroughs! With her psychotic personality and bizekies of doom, she ends up being my favorite character!


6 Kaze

He has Midori, the most moe daughter in all of recorded history! That is why Kaze must be protected at ALL COSTS!

A loyal and cool Ninja. What else?

Kaze is a monster in a fight


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7 Xander

Should be higher - yunafreya648

Best character. His supports with Camilla, Corrin, and Leo are endearing and his character is simultaneously tragic and amazing.

Best character with a good backstory only perry support is bad

Siegfried 2 OP. enough said

8 Azura

I really like Azura. I feel that people don't give her credit where it's due. She's certainly not perfect, but I like her.

Azura is the best! She is cute, useful in battle and both her light and dark dances are incredible!

Azura is the best


9 Leo

Leo is the best character in the game, from his charming features and his legit personality, so far, playing all the routes as far as revelation, ha also appears to be the basic (I mean if you don't use any master, heart seals and etc. On any of your characters) strongest of them all.

Leo, the one and only true lover for Takumi!

This is kind of wrong, but my character married him in Conquest. I like his character, but I don't really know why I did that

Well, they aren't actually related. So it's okay. But Takumi and Ryoma on the other hand... - Transformers234

Tomato lord

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10 Elise

She is a top-tier character in the game and is just so good at being a defender against all kinds of crap during that conquest run I just can't deny her becoming one of my strongest units.

Umm she's Elise her retainers are Arthur and Effie who are really good I mean you should always use Elise whenever possible because she is very useful for healing and support and she is very cute! Also very selfless she loves her ONII CHAN! As well as makes friends vey easily as seen in the revelations ending.

The Contenders

11 Felicia

Best Girl

We've got trouble

12 Benny
13 Peri

She's amazing in battle and gets stronger as she kills

best waifu

14 Anna

I just like her

15 Silas

He's your best friend that you never knew you had!

Silas is so super sweet and adorable

16 Effie

"Not... Strong enough..."

17 Odin

Knows no fear

18 Niles

Honestly, who doesn't like the extremely seductive homosexual outlaw.

19 Soleil

I paired Laslow with Azura, and promoted Soleil to a great lord. I noticed she has great growth rates for speed, luck, and strength, and she does critical over half the time, so I gave her the Killer Sword. Basically, if I want an enemy unit dead, I just send in Soleil, and most likely she will kill them. Since she is a great lord, she doesn't have a level cap (as far as I know; she's level 32 without any eternal seals, and I'm at Conquest Endgame). Also, I agree, she's definitely the coolest character in the army. I gave her the accessory shop sunglasses and the white bow, and she's always super cheery when she goes into a fight, which is encouraging.

Soleil is a gay sweetheart and I love her so very much

A lesbian icon

Honestly the cutest girl next to her main squeeze Ophelia. My Soleil is a Laslow/Selena one and a level 20 Great Lord, phenomenal Strength Speed and Luck with decent HP to boot, she's always in my party for any excursion, couldn't leave without her.

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20 Corrin Corrin

This is your avatar, so if this is at number 20 does that mean that you like 19 more people than your self? Shouldn't Corrin at least be in top 10?

Corrin is bae

Why is this 27?

21 Selkie

I love Selkie, she is just so adorable. Out of all the Birthright's definitely my favorite. - taishisohma

22 Kaden

It's about time they added a kitsune/spirit fox in the series. (Sorry, huge fox fan here) Plus, he is awesome.

23 Oboro


24 Laslow

Dang Laslow is just so sweet and his English voice is what first got my attention. He's so cute WHAT A BABE

He's just really awesome

25 Kiragi
26 Selena
27 Setsuna


Setsuna is my spirit animal.

I got caught in a trap again...

28 Rinkah

Severely underrated, give her a good weapon she destroys. And she is a tsundere! but I swear to god if you make her anything BUT an oni chieftain she SUCKS

29 Sakura

She's my wife in the game

Cinnamon roll. I agree.

I love Sakura

30 Mozu
31 Flora

I had the HARDEST time between choosing Felicia and Flora in the game, but I had to go with Flora because her confession is just so adorable - taishisohma

32 Saizo

He's a really badass character! If u use him a lot in battle he can be incredibly helpful! He saved my butt from being beaten countless times! And he can be upgraded to some really good classes!

I really LOVE Saizo for his attack skills and for being a handsome bad boy... strange fangirl alert!

Bad news

33 Beruka

I always preferred the stoic characters to all other character personality tropes in Japanese media, whether it be Anime, RPGs, Manga, Visual Novels, you name it. Many may consider them to be kinda boring or just overshadowed by the over-the-top personalities that share the titles with them, especially in a relationship-driven story, these characters in my opinion are the most satisfying and sometimes the cutest relationships you can watch in these genres. Think of a character like Nagato Yuki from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". She's easily the most complex and interesting character in that series and especially in the movie. She even got her own spin-off show which wasn't THAT great, but she was still the best character in that show as well.

Back on the subject of Beruka, she's not nearly as complex as Nagato, simply because she just doesn't have as many moments in the story as most of the others, her support conversations, especially with the main character, are the ...more

Beruka is badass and really powerful

Awesome character because of her design and personality

And when you promote her as a Dread fighter she can be unstoppable.

34 Forrest
35 Avatar

Capable of learning any obtainable skill the Avatar should already be in your top 5 but with customization boon and banes you can predetermine how you will be using your custom character making it one of the best units as it can be used for any play style. With the stat boosts of the Yato the Avatar is able to beat any fodder enemies with ease and the class exclusive skills dragon fang and dragonic hex are two of the best skills in the game as on has a high trigger rate and the other lowers all of the enemies stats by 6 after combat. Outside of Combat the Avatar is able to support any unit and in these support conversations will almost always help people with a trouble from their past or something they have been struggling with in the present. Corrin has got to be one of my favorite characters if only for the reason that he is me.

Male Corrine looks like he's a drunk hobo but it's about character here, and Corrin nails that. Though I hate fates I still love Corrin

The avatar character, if you do your boones/banes right, is potentially and quite handily the best character of the game. (S)he can even be a better swordmaster than Rutger, which is inconceivable! Plus, it doesn't hurt that I get to be the hero! - shawnwalker

36 Dwyer

He funny and isn't that bad of a character.

His support conversations always leave me smiling.

37 Asugi

he cute

38 Rhajat

Best endgy wifi


39 Keaton

Keaton is a beast (literally and figuratively). He can heal almost half his health every second turn, he does tons of damage, and he's a WEREWOLF! What's not to love? (Apart from his collection of ripped stuffed animals).

40 Sophie

Waifu of bad guy j

41 Jakob
42 Orochi

Best fortune teller ever!

43 Asuna Asuna

Best fire emblem

44 Nyx

How can you not like her? She is a badass stuck in a children's body... and her magic is incredibly strong!

45 Marth Marth Marth is a fictional character from the Fire Emblem series, developed by Intelligent Systems and owned by Nintendo.
46 Gunter Gunter

This is just my personal favourite

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47 Hana
48 Hinoka

She is very good!

Hinoka is a great character! She's really strong if you play her right and she's got a great backstory! - komodoline

49 Ike Ike Ike is the main character in the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube and one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.

He isn't in fates - IHateOnions

50 Hinata

Whats not to love?

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