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21 Corrin
22 Mozu
23 Effie V 1 Comment
24 Setsuna

I got caught in a trap again...



25 Oboro

Oboro is definitely my favorite character of the Birthright campaign! She gives the Hoshido Army the emotional support and is almost obsessed with clothing!
She has a big hatred on the Nohr Army, as they've killed her parents!
By the way, Oboro is very good in battle and was always part of my team! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

26 Soleil

I paired Laslow with Azura, and promoted Soleil to a great lord. I noticed she has great growth rates for speed, luck, and strength, and she does critical over half the time, so I gave her the Killer Sword. Basically, if I want an enemy unit dead, I just send in Soleil, and most likely she will kill them. Since she is a great lord, she doesn't have a level cap (as far as I know; she's level 32 without any eternal seals, and I'm at Conquest Endgame). Also, I agree, she's definitely the coolest character in the army. I gave her the accessory shop sunglasses and the white bow, and she's always super cheery when she goes into a fight, which is encouraging.

Soleil is a gay sweetheart and I love her so very much

First time I ever got her after pairing Camilla and Laslow she was the strongest person on my team and even killed Garon!

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27 Sakura V 3 Comments
28 Kaden

It's about time they added a kitsune/spirit fox in the series. (Sorry, huge fox fan here) Plus, he is awesome.

29 Saizo

He's a really badass character! If u use him a lot in battle he can be incredibly helpful! He saved my butt from being beaten countless times! And he can be upgraded to some really good classes!

I really LOVE Saizo for his attack skills and for being a handsome bad boy... strange fangirl alert!

30 Asugi

he cute

31 Beruka

Beruka is badass and really powerful

I always preferred the stoic characters to all other character personality tropes in Japanese media, whether it be Anime, RPGs, Manga, Visual Novels, you name it. Many may consider them to be kinda boring or just overshadowed by the over-the-top personalities that share the titles with them, especially in a relationship-driven story, these characters in my opinion are the most satisfying and sometimes the cutest relationships you can watch in these genres. Think of a character like Nagato Yuki from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". She's easily the most complex and interesting character in that series and especially in the movie. She even got her own spin-off show which wasn't THAT great, but she was still the best character in that show as well.

Back on the subject of Beruka, she's not nearly as complex as Nagato, simply because she just doesn't have as many moments in the story as most of the others, her support conversations, especially with the main character, are the ...more

Awesome character because of her design and personality

And when you promote her as a Dread fighter she can be unstoppable.

32 Dwyer

His support conversations always leave me smiling.

He funny and isn't that bad of a character.

33 Laslow

Dang Laslow is just so sweet and his English voice is what first got my attention. He's so cute WHAT A BABE

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34 Selena
35 Jakob

Jakob is another character, who is on your side no matter what! He was your butler before the story began!
While actually behaving like a butler in conversations with the Avatar, he can be mean, when talking with other characters! However I still think Jakob was a cool and useful character in battle! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

36 Gunter Gunter

This is just my personal favourite

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37 Marth Marth
38 Asuna Asuna

Best fire emblem

39 Hana
40 Hinoka

She is very good!

Hinoka is a great character! She's really strong if you play her right and she's got a great backstory! - komodoline

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