Best Fire Emblem: Fates Characters

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21 Niles

Honestly, who doesn't like the extremely seductive homosexual outlaw.

22 Elise

She is a top-tier character in the game and is just so good at being a defender against all kinds of crap during that conquest run I just can't deny her becoming one of my strongest units.

Umm she's Elise her retainers are Arthur and Effie who are really good I mean you should always use Elise whenever possible because she is very useful for healing and support and she is very cute! Also very selfless she loves her ONII CHAN! As well as makes friends vey easily as seen in the revelations ending.

23 Kaden

It's about time they added a kitsune/spirit fox in the series. (Sorry, huge fox fan here) Plus, he is awesome.

24 Benny
25 Saizo

He's a really badass character! If u use him a lot in battle he can be incredibly helpful! He saved my butt from being beaten countless times! And he can be upgraded to some really good classes!

26 Sakura V 3 Comments
27 Rhajat V 1 Comment
28 Orochi V 1 Comment
29 Jakob

Jakob is another character, who is on your side no matter what! He was your butler before the story began!
While actually behaving like a butler in conversations with the Avatar, he can be mean, when talking with other characters! However I still think Jakob was a cool and useful character in battle! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

30 Laslow

Dang Laslow is just so sweet and his English voice is what first got my attention. He's so cute WHAT A BABE

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31 Selena
32 Gunter Gunter

This is just my personal favourite

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33 Setsuna V 3 Comments
34 Dwyer

His support conversations always leave me smiling.

He funny and isn't that bad of a character.

35 Beruka

Beruka is badass and really powerful

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36 Asuna Asuna

Best fire emblem

37 Hana
38 Ike Ike

He isn't in fates - IHateOnions

39 Hinoka

Hinoka is a great character! She's really strong if you play her right and she's got a great backstory! - komodoline

40 Sophie V 1 Comment
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