Best Fire Emblem: Fates Characters

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41 Hinoka

She is very good!

Hinoka is a great character! She's really strong if you play her right and she's got a great backstory! - komodoline

42 Keaton
43 Marth Marth
44 Ike Ike

He isn't in fates - IHateOnions

45 Rhajat

Best endgy wifi


46 Sophie V 1 Comment
47 Hinata V 1 Comment
48 Owain V 3 Comments
49 Chrom

God not put me in smash why god why god

why did

50 Midori

no taste

having lit



V 3 Comments
51 Orochi V 1 Comment
52 Nyx

How can you not like her? She is a badass stuck in a children's body... and her magic is incredibly strong!

53 Flora

I had the HARDEST time between choosing Felicia and Flora in the game, but I had to go with Flora because her confession is just so adorable - taishisohma

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