Fire Emblem: Fates: Random video game Review

So if you have seen some of my recent remixes or else, you would probably know how I feel like for this game! For those of you who don't know well, I would go as far as saying it's the best game of 2016 yet by lightyears and besides my favorite Fire Emblem and 3DS Game to date!
Let me first say that I already played both the Birthright and the Revelations Version and I love both! And as I promised here's my review of it!

Let's start with the storyline! No matter which side you choose, the first 6 chapters are the same! You're part of the royal Nohr Family and after a few missions you find out from the royal family of Hoshido, that you were once part of their family, until you were kidnapped! If you chose Birthright, you'll get to come back to Hoshido, while you stay with Nohr in the Conquest version!
I won't go into much detail, because I don't want to spoil the story, hiwever I must say that the plot itself was brilliant on both sides, with incredible moments and a overall well-executed storyline! I would go as far as saying it topped the plot of Fire Emblem: Awakening for me!

The characters of the game were as expected fantastic! Both sides had different characters, that were for the most part well developed and likable! While the Birthright campaign had characters, like the Samurai Ryoma, Healer Sakura or my favorite of all, Oboro, the Conquest campaign had the superloyal Xander, the absolutely sweet Elise! Not to mention my favorite character in both versions Camilla! It wasn't like any characters were one dimenaional or unlikable, which I found very great!

Now gameplaywise this game perfectly took everything good from Awakening the developers established and perfected it! The weapon triangle got improved a lot and magic was finally added to it!
Enemies now got the ability to actually fight you as teams of 2, which made the game much more challenging!
The dating between characters was also again a part of the game! If you got close enough to another character, you could unlock a child character, that can join you in your army!
Something that was added to the game was the castle! After each battle you got points, that you could use to build up your castle, which would help you! Just for example you could get to know your teammates better with the building of a bath!
Now here's a major difference with bith versions! Conquest is definitely the more challenging game! Birthright isn't anything easy, however if you're looking for a challenge, you should pick up the Conquest version, rather than the Birthright version!

The graphics were absolutely superb for a 3DS game! They were extremly good looking and well-detailed! The arwork used for character was also well-made and great!

Now as my last point the soundtrack to Fire Emblem: Fates was great! It perfectly suited the whole game and was overall just well made!

So overall I must say that this game has definitely become my favorite game, tied with Tales of Symphonia! In my opinion it deserves a perfect score of:
10/10 with the adjective "PERFECTION!"
I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with the entire game! In my opinion this is the greatest game of 2016 so far!
So if you're a fan of JRPGs or the Fire Emblem Series I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game!


Great review. I have reviewed awakening in my 6th nerdy geek review. - Skullkid755