Top 10 Fire Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about the best fire enemies in Mario games. They can either make fire or be made of fire. No bosses included.

The Top Ten

1 Fire Snake (Super Mario Bros 3)

This snake is made of fire! It can blend through small pipes, and enlarge its head to brighten up the dark. The Fire Snake can really burn up the desert! - Super-Eric1993

These enemies are the worst! They always get in you're way. - nintendofan126

2 Magmaargh (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

This is a lava monster that lives in the burning depths of the scorching lava! When you see this monster attack you, it's like a huge lava tsunami crashing down on you! Everything about this beast is fire! - Super-Eric1993

3 Splorch (Super Mario 3D World)

This is a big ball of fire that appears out of lava. It chases you by rolling. While it rolls, it leaves a trail of fire that is not safe to touch. If it falls in lava, it'll return to get you. - Super-Eric1993

4 Hothead (Super Mario World)

It uses fire to flash while clinging to floors, walls, and ceilings like a magnet. This is a hazard that you must watch out for. - Super-Eric1993

5 Blue Lava Bubble (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

These blue fire enemies hop out of blue lava and travel by hopping. Touching these enemies is like touching blue lava. - Super-Eric1993

6 Smolderin Stu (Super Mario Sunshine)

At the beach, this small enemy is covered in flames. If water puts out its fire, it can be on fire again after a few seconds. Luckily they don't die in their own fire. - Super-Eric1993

7 Fire Brother (Super Mario Bros 3)

He controls fire.

Uses fireballs as weapons. Fireballs do not burn this enemy's hands. They have unlimited fireballs with them. - Super-Eric1993

8 Panser (Super Mario Bros 2)

This is a flower enemy that shoots fireballs left, right, or up. Some flowers can travel while shooting fireballs. - Super-Eric1993

9 Venus Fire Trap (Super Mario Bros 3)

These plants spit out fireballs at you. Their fireballs can light the dark and melt ice. - Super-Eric1993

10 Dino Torch (Super Mario World)

This little enemy can breath fire. Pretty cool trick for a young dino. - Super-Eric1993

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1. Magmaargh (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
2. Fire Snake (Super Mario Bros 3)
3. Hothead (Super Mario World)
1. Magmaargh (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
2. Blue Lava Bubble (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)
3. Panser (Super Mario Bros 2)
1. Fire Snake (Super Mario Bros 3)
2. Splorch (Super Mario 3D World)
3. Hothead (Super Mario World)


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