Top Ten Best Fire and Water Type Moves In Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Flare Blitz (Fire)

Flare blitz is a power full move but its not the most open fire move the most powerful fire and water moves are blast burn and hydro cannon where are those two moves on this list?

2 Surf (Water)

Surf is the best TM and HM ever

3 Dive (Water)
4 Flamethrower (Fire)


5 Heat Crash (Fire)
6 Water Pulse (Water)

The %50 chance of confusion is an awesome affect

7 Waterfall (Water)
8 Water Gun (Water)
9 Razor Shell (Water)
10 Will-O-Wisp (Fire)

Burning is really useful in competitive battling because it halves the attack of the burnt opponent, why only number 10?!

Burning is better than poisoning, since a burn can lower your HP AND like what that person below me said, it even halves the attack of the opponent!

The Contenders

11 Blast Burn (Fire)

This move is epic and my emboar absolutely mauled every thing. Who cares about recharging and is almost the equivalent to Hydro cannon

My infernape in platinum my typlosian in heartgold my charizard in fire red know blast burn and it is epic

The strongest Fire type finished off a blastoise lv61 by using a charizard lv65 by using this move

Who cares about recharging?
I do.

12 Hydro Pump (Water)

Best water move

13 Judgement (Fire)

Its arceus signature move

14 Hydro Cannon (Water)

My samurott in black and empoleon in diamond will kill anything with this move

15 Gaia Volcano (Fire)

Strongest fire type move ever

16 Aqua Jet

Great for slow Pokémon and is a powerful move due to priority

17 Judgement (Water)

Its arceus signature move

18 Tidal Storm (Water)

Strongest water type move ever (water)

19 Overheat (Fire)
20 Lava Plume (Fire)
21 Eruption (Fire)
22 Fire Blast (Fire)
23 Scald (Water)
24 Brine (Water)
25 Inferno (Fire)
26 Fire Punch

Great punching move

27 Origin Pulse

Great move and is a signature move of a legendary Pokémon

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