Top 10 Fireworks Displays in Kerala

The temple is famous for its fireworks display, which is deemed to be the largest in scale in the district. The display of fireworks takes place in mid-February each year, and the blast is reported to have taken place while crackers for the festival were being prepared.
The Top Ten
1 Nemmara-Vallanghy Vela

Please approve Nemmara vallangi firework in this year... And support

This is beyond imagination.. No words to explain its size & amount

Great firework. We need thism please support

There were fireworks going off outside my house yesterday

2 Kavasserry Pooram

More than nenmara because nenmara vela is surrounded by hills and mountains hence echoes are created that's why there is a loud burst of sound

No words to discribe.. One of the most famous worlds fire works in kerala

Best fireworks in Kerala

Best fireworks in kerala

3 Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur pooram is best in Kerela

2 teams spending around 3 cr for the fireworks of each year.In this venue the typical style of Kerala fireworks was it can be called as the mother of all Kerala style fireworks. it was the biggest fireworks in Kerala in previous years but later Thrissur becomes the 4th largest city in the state so now a days Thrissur Pooram fireworks is comparatively low due to the security reasons, when we considering other locations like Nenmmra and Kavussery. But due to the venues specialty still it remains the best fireworks with best sound effect than any other locations. And also the best location to access, better transportation,all types of hotels(5 stars to normal lodges), better views (you can watch from the ground or can also sit back in good seats arranged in the buildings and with all modern facilities like shopping malls, theaters,internet cafes etc.
Above all Thrissur pooram is the best,expensive and biggest cultural festival in the state itself.

4 Uthralikavu Pooram

One of the best fireworks in kerala owing to the extra reverberation by the surrounding mountains.
Classic use of local talents which emphasises sound and sparkle over fancy colours.
Umbrella fireworks after the actual fireworks that can be seen only in thrissur pooram after here.

Best fireworks in kerala

Best vedikkettu in kerala.

5 Athimahakalan Kavu Vela

Anthimahakalan kavu vela well never get completely filled without fireworks. We don't even have elephants for our vela only fireworks and Kala kali was is our hope these both have equal value in our vela and as a traditional occasion this have been conducting to 100+ years in my knowledge and people's are comming to vitness it from all over kerala so please grand us permission to conduct our occasion according to our regular pattern.

Part of our Cultural Heritage, must be preserved. Adequate Safety Measures need to be taken while organising the event.

Great fireworks and unique occasion for social gathering and entertainment for common people.

Anthimahakalan kavu vela is most important festival and very wonderful looking fire works

6 Arakkal Pooram

One of the best. Called as thrissur pooram in Malabar. Pooram has several events inside the temple as well as outside. Beautiful fire works

I think Arakkal pooram fire works is most beautiful and attractive in Kerala. I have seen many fire works but Arakkal pooram fire works superb

Loud and color full firework best in north kerala

My village most beautiful crazy and colour

7 Kunnissery kummatti

Superb since started firework
I believe the govt rules will change to normal like before

It is the Biggest kummatti in kerala, more fire works are using

If kunissery has more place for fireworks it will be come first position

April 12th biggest fire works ever

8 Ayalur Vela - Nemmara

Best fireworks
All are welcome on April 16th

9 Chinakathoor Pooram

The soul of every ottapalam citizen...the true spirit of rituality. Love it a lot waiting for Chinakkatoor pooram 2K20.

Best fieworks in kerala

10 Kannambra Vela

Big festival and the last festival in palakkad district during each year

Kannambra vela is the most old vela

Biggest fire works

Kunissery kazhinjaal kannambra aanu

The Contenders
11 Palakunnu Bharani
12 Arattupuzha Pooram
13 Maradu Vedikettu

Firework displayed very beautyfully. Shy full of colours...

It's a great firework in a conjusted area,

14 Parakottukavu Thalapoli

Fireworks + echo caused due to the surrounding mighty hills make this, one of the best ever.
Scenic view from the hills add flavours to the main dish.

We need this fireworks back... We have lot of expectations in this year. For sanction from higher authorities...

We want thus fire works to be continued

Yes.. Need fire works...with kuziminnal. Dyna etc

15 Kuttiyankavu Pooram

Beyond words

16 Padur Vela
17 Mudappallur Vela

Great fire works...may 23 all are welcome

Good fire works

18 Cheramanagalam Vela

Good festival and good fire work

This Vela not bad firework

Super fire work

Good fire work

19 Chittilamchery Vela

Chittlamchery vela is a good festival conducted during the month of april in the palakkad district,chittlamchery vela is special for its kanyar kali conducted for the continous 14 days

20 Machad Mamangam

4 teams display from machad mamankam. the grand firework display from kerala temple festival

21 Mangalam Vela

Yes its biggest fire work

1, famous fire work
2, no words to describe

22 Namborkkavu Pooram

It is the most amazing fireworks in Kerala

Largest and strong

supper wirework

23 Manjalur Kummatti

Biggest firework in kerala

It's a Most Famous Festival in Palakkad.

Pookoliyar yuvachana sagom was the most important in mannalur kummati amicharivedi the hit of mannalur kumatti

24 Thalavoor Pooram

Thrikkonnamarcodu Sree Durga Devi Temple Thalavoor . Thalavoor Pooram Is One Of The Biggest Festival In Kerala. Famous For Firework. Earlier , Thalavoor Pooram Ranked 3rd In Biggest Firework In Kerala & 2nd In South Kerala

25 Chalissery Pooram

One if the biggest fire works in kerala was chalissery pooram.

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