Top Ten Best First Installments in Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Series

On christmas Avengers: Infinity War will be released on Netflix, I am quite excited, and since it's not long until christmas why not make a list about the marvel cinematic universe? We will be looking at the best first installments in movie series in the marvel cinematic universe, so no sequels like The Winter Soldier, Ant Man and the Wasp or Iron Man 3, without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie had lit special effects! Five criminals work togheter to stop Ronan and Thanos rom getting a mysterous orb that most likely contains an infinty stone, now it was a while ago I saw this movie so correct me of I'm wrong. But I remember really loving this movie, it kinda feels seperated from the MCU mostly due to having no other MCU character like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at all, and I like it. While the sequel is good too, I prefer this one more - darthvadern

2 The Avengers

One of the most known MCU movies, and for good reason. It's the first movie in which we got to see all of the superheroes work togheter, this time to stop Loki. It's a very exciting movie with tons of action and it's pretty good, it did a great job introducing the characters as well after their adventures in previous movies - darthvadern

3 Spider-Man: Homecoming

This is right after the 2014 Spiderman with Andrew Garfield flopped at the box office.

Even though this movie is quite overrated, I really liked it still. Now, this movie definitely felt a bit corny and cheesy at times with Tom Holland as Spider-Man and the more teenage enviroment, it was still a great movie neverthless. Vulture was an amazing villian with simple but great motivations! He also looked badass! Overall a great movie, but I prefer the Raimi trilogy over this one far more - darthvadern

4 Doctor Strange

Arguably one of my favourite movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as whole, this movie follows Stephen Strange, a doctor who crashed his car and hge must go to Nepal to heal it, then he must unlikely beacome a hero and defend the world from Dormammu. I loved the special effects and CGI in the movie, it looked so impressive and awesomne! The story is also very good, this is one of few Marvel movies in which I was never bored - darthvadern

5 The Incredible Hulk

This movie I think is way too underrated. In my opinion I like Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and I like how hulk looks in this movie over what he does in Avengers and everything afterwards. Marvel is a damn good job here.

I didn't think I would love this movie as much as I do, but it's a masterpiece! The brazilian setting was excellent and I love how it feels different from the rest of the MCU, but then agian this was the second MCU movie. This is also one of few times in which I prefer the first half over the second half in a movie, and that's saying how awesomne it is! - darthvadern

6 Iron Man

In addition to being the first installment of Iron Man, this is also the first installment of the entire MCU.

I think you very nearly wrote this list backwards, Doctor Strange and the Incredible Hulk are the worst on this list

By far the best movie in the Iron Man trilogy and it had a great introduction to Tony Stark/Iron Man - germshep24

Iron Man and Black Panther are the only movies on the list I haven't seen yet - darthvadern

7 Ant-Man

The movie no one thought would be good but it was good, they did very good with bringing a Superhero that has always been the butt of every joke. - germshep24

A close second is Ant-Man, one of the most underrated MCU movies. Ant-Man is a superhero who can beacome very small like an ant and can command ants. This was a very exciting movie overall and I recommend it very much even if you're not a Marvel fan. It's also super funny! I mean the final battle was not only exciting, but funny - darthvadern

8 Black Panther

This is definitely one of the better MCU movies in my opinion. I like the african setting and the story is a bit more original this time around. The character development is quite good as well in my opinion so this will stay high up on my list. - darthvadern

One of the best introduction movies to a single Marvel character, action packed, beautifully created world - germshep24

I haven't seen it yet - darthvadern

9 Captain America: The First Avenger

A very forgettable movie, it also didn't help that the sequel blew this movie out the window - germshep24

Quite a good movie although forgettable. Although The Winter Soldier is miles better, I thought this was at least better than Civil War (which is in my opinion one of the most overrated MCU movies ever). Taking place before the events of the MCU, Steve Rogers, a young man decides to be a World War II soldier to defeat the Nazis. The main antagonist is quite creepy too as it's Red Skull, while this movie definitely is forgettable, it's still decent - darthvadern

10 Thor

Thor is a very boring character in my opinion and the only movie from the Thor trilogy I enjoyed was Thor Ragnarok - germshep24

This is a movie most people hate or at least don't think is that good. I personally agree with the latter. While it's a good movie it definitely has flaws! One of the movies biggest flaws is how it takes place so much on Earth it doesn't really feel like a real movie about Thor, I mean this movie's based on the norse god Thor who lives in Asgard, but because of reasons he is banished from there and is sent to Midgard, AKA the Earth, and it's boring. Well, at least it's still an ok movie - darthvadern

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