Top Ten First Things You Think On Your First Day of Middle School

Ever wonder what it's like your first day at middle school? Or do you want to look back at the memories of middle school? Well this list has it all!

The Top Ten First Things You Think On Your First Day of Middle School

1 Where do I go?

I thought I'd be late to my class every day. - Luckys

I walked into my middle school one day to see a play, (I'm not in middle school yet, but I will be. Next year.) and I thought, oh god where will I even go!? I got lost when I came in the building I CAME IN THE RIGHT SIDE AND THE GOSH DANG PLACE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOING TO WAS RIGHT THERE IN FROUNT OF ME THE WHOLE TIME! - HermioneKG4884

I remember my first day of middle school, we all were told to go to the cafeteria. Then, in a split second, everyone just moved down the hallways. And, hell, I even got lost just getting to the gym, which I remembered quite well, because we had a tour months before then. Luckily, the majority of my classes are in the same hallway, except for my French class and 21st Century Skills Class. Don't even get me started on my locker... - kaitlynrad11

THIS IS IT! This is how I felt! - Hollymint

2 Too many people!

Ther are around 900 people in my school!

Crowded. - Luckys

I still think this going into Grade 8 next autumn. - Cyri

I live in a place where my middle school has like 1200 people in it and the high school has like 5 thousand something people. And it's horrible when you are as introverted as me, seriously I only have like maybe 3 or 4 friends, it's sad, but I'm working on it.

I may soon be transferred to a signature high school academy from the public high school I'm going to in a few months because I'm on the waiting list for that particular academy I applied fore. Luckily that school only has like 370 students. - Kwaysar

3 do you open a locker?

Why do Yanks have lockers?
Why do Yanks have three schools Elementary, Middle, and High?

I don't have locker (except for gym cothes) - Luckys

I had to ask the teachers to open my locker for the first month of 6th grade, so if you ever need to ask the teacher, just know that it’s not as embarrassing as what happened to me - sadical

My first day, it was tricky, but after that I was fine. You get used to it. By the end of first quarter you can open your locker fast. Sometimes your locker gets jammed, I recommend to check to make sure your backpack or whatever is not sticking out.

4 I want to open my locker!
5 Will my teacher be nice?

No, they will give you 3 pages of homework on the first day.

Teacherss. Emphasis on the S

Most of mine are,exept for one. - cosmo

No they won’t - sadical

6 I hate school!

Lives - HermioneKG4884

50% adults miss school.
Detention! Homework vs You're Fired!
Watch Grange Hill or Waterloo Road

At least its not North Korea education, study Kim-Jong-il for reading.

I agree so much!

All humans hate school - Mewtwo_

7 I'm a big kid!

Middle Schools in England and Wales are ages 7-11 or 9-13 or 10-13
Middle Schools in Scotland are 5-14
Middle Schools in Northern Ireland are 11-14
But you don't need to go to a Middle School your parent can choose primary if you are ages of primary or secondary (high), because there are not many Middle Schools.

Blah blah Nash. This depends on maturity.

8 Are the 8th and 7th graders mean?

I had a few older people try to do me a lot of harm or slice me open with broken CDs in 5th grade and even 7th, what 8th and 7th graders usually do to younger people is silly stuff.

Also that one gay or bi dude who tried getting in my stall when I was wizzing and was all smiling, but stopped at the doorway instead. Another guy was washing his hands and said that if he did that again the guy would break his hand.

Yes, they throw dodgeballs at you and push you in lockers... at least from my experience.

I never really paid attention to the other grades. Now that I'm an eighth grader I can tell you that a lot of 8th graders don't really pay attention to the other grades. Also it depends on the person really. - Anonymousxcxc

I feel like the 7th graders in my school are inferior while my fellow 8th graders are superior. I'm one of the ones that are super nice to you unless you are annoying. - Pegasister12

9 I wish summer vacation was right now
10 I'm going to get trampled by these people

The Contenders

11 Noooo! Too much home work!


In middle school you meet new species of homework,the drama homework,uncommon but it does show up every few weeks,and music homework,you might have had it in primary but it is rare here. - DapperPickle

12 Dang it!
13 Are there any cute boys/girls?

When you catch the cute boy looking at you

I don't care about looks, I care about smarts and humor.

I just started high school, and dayum, you wouldn't believe how hot the women are! - Therandom

Yes,he was in my elementary. I was actually staring at him until I think he saw me and I just pretended to talk to my friends. Well I did talk to them but did little glances over at him. - LittleLovelies

14 Aw hell no!

In the fifth grade (Middle school where I live.) I was scared a lot when I saw the sixth graders and how huge they were compared to me. Now I'm still super small.

Hey that’s not school appropriate - sadical

Me right now because next year I'll be in high school. - Anonymousxcxc

One of my first thoughts when I was in sixth grade lel I'm hoping High school will be better.

15 I hate all you people already

This is how I feel.

accurate - TheParable

HAHA! Number One!

16 I hate passing periods...
17 Get Me Out of Here!

It literally was the 3rd day and I wanted to run away lol

Yes! - Ultron123

18 That guy is hot!

This is me already. I haven't started middle school yet, but I reaaally hope this issue doesn't get worse in middle school! EVERYONE at my school and I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON talks about "who's dating who" and " I like this guy" and "I'm going out with soinso" I can't STAND THIS ONE BIT! - HermioneKG4884

19 Why does everyone only listen to rap music?

Cause they want to - sadical

Because middle school has the cringe kids that will only listen to rap music and will make fun of you only because you refuse to "dab".

20 Will I be beaten?

At my former middle school, one slip up and you were beaten til you couldn't walk - bobbythebrony

Now that, bobbythebrony is illegal. - ARandomPerson

21 I can go make new friends...
22 ... I can do this!

I can’t. My first day of middle school was the worst day ever!

I can do this... I can do this... I CAN DO THIS...


23 I Hardly Know Anyone

My first day I only knew two people in my ELA class.

Nah people from my elementary went to my middle.

24 I want to die

This is me

25 Am I in the right class?
26 Ah shoot I forgot everything!
27 Let's learn
28 Can I have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Ew, no!

29 I rather crack my skull on the stair tile...

Me right now. I want to go to Klein Forest after Wunderlich ends! - DynastiSugarPop

30 It sucks already
31 I just want to drop out of school already!
32 I’m blowing up this place
33 Take me home
34 Waaaaah

Random 8th graded: It's a cry baby


35 I hate this already
36 When's lunch?
37 Who will be in my class
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