Top Ten Fishes and Other Ocean Creatures that Can Be Caught While Fishing Off Southern California Beaches


The Top Ten

1 Halibut

I don't eat fish anymore but when I did, halibut was my favorite. If your lucky you can pull up a keeper off the piers, docks and barges. - THC13

2 Sculpin

Although they have poisonous dorsal fins, their meat is sweet and tasty. Commonly caught off So. Cal beaches. - THC13

Real name: California Scorpionfish

3 Barracuda

Kinda scary schools of them come so close to the surfers and swimmers. They can occasionally be caught off the piers. - THC13

4 Sharks

Every once in a while large sharks such as Mako, Thresher, Hammerheads and even Great Whites are caught off the piers. - THC13

5 Grunion

During the summer (usually) Southern California beaches have the "Grunion Run". On certain nights during a very high tide Grunions come onto the beaches, mate and lay there eggs into the wet sand then wiggle back out into the ocean. During the next high tide the eggs hatch and the babies swim away. On some nights the beaches are littered with them. It's quite a sight. - THC13

6 Sand Bass

The most common bass caught. Keepers are commonly caught off So.Cal beaches. - THC13

7 Calico Bass

Also called Kelp Bass. Common bass caught from Southern California beaches. - THC13

8 Bat Ray

Commonly caught off Southern California beaches. Some fish for them for the sport of it. They put up a hell of a fight. I have seen very large ones (about the size of an engine hood of a car) pulled up. I've also seen countless idiots get stung/gashed handling them. - THC13

9 Mackerel

Most common fish caught off the piers. - THC13

10 Sea Cucumber

When I use to fish, I frequently reeled up these weird things. - THC13

The Contenders

11 Striped Bass
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