Top Ten Fist of the Borf Star Quotes

Top ten quotes from the hit anime "Fist of the Borf Star"

The Top Ten

1 "It must be my birthday then, because now I get to kill all of you" -Garfeilf

The most quotable character in the entire show's best quote - Mrpoopybutthole

Obviously number one... shows ruthlessness of Garfielf. Truly an evil villain who reveals his true intentions. - Prion

2 "Pathetic. I expected more from you, Jog. All of those years of pent up angor. If Odie were here he would be disappoint" -Garfeilf

Garfeilf's words cut deep here. Calling Jon pathetic was something he'd later regret when Jon uses the secret technique. - Mrpoopybutthole

Hits Jon where it hurts - Prion

3 "You can kill me, Jom, but what would our mother think? That's right, Jonk. uyo and me, we're brothers. Think back, Joque, to your childhood. I was always there." Garfeilf

Possibly the greatest plot twist in all of anime - Mrpoopybutthole

Never saw it coming - Prion

4 "I've waited so long for this, Jon. Show me who you are!" -Garfeilf

Garfeilf finally gets what he wanted and the ultimate fight breaks out. - Mrpoopybutthole

Jon shows him who he is - Prion

5 "Then give me all youvee got, Jonothanh because I won't stop. I really want you to show me who you are, Arbuncle" -Garfeilf

Garfeilf is persistent, and that's one of the reasons we love him. He really wants to see what Jon can do after disposing of his friends - Mrpoopybutthole

He really just wants to see who he is. - Prion

6 "Marbledune...Dilbart...Charlie Bowrn....Rest in peece. Especially you, Ojee (Borf) Wherever you are." -Jon

This quote is so sad...Jon lost everyone. - Mrpoopybutthole

Borf - Prion

7 "Lasaga Breadth." -Garfeilf

Garfielf shows his true power by screaming the name of his move and attacking. He doesn't hold back. - Mrpoopybutthole

8 "Goodbye, Jone. You'll always be in hart" -Garfeilf

Shows the true heartlessness of Garfielf ironically. - Mrpoopybutthole

9 "It's up to you now, Jodge. Avenge Odley. Do it for me."

Miracleduck's death is the saddest anime death, but he gave Jon his opening. This is him telling Jon to forget about him and finish the fight. - Mrpoopybutthole

One of the best characters in Fist of the Borfstar’s last line. Of course it would be here. - Prion

10 "Markeymark, you stupid mutt, you got in the way." -Garfeilf

Garfeilf's disregard for life is shown once again with this quote. - Mrpoopybutthole

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