Top 10 Most Fitting Songs for Foot Stomping

Some of the songs on this list contain foot stomping but songs without stomping in them are also accepted - a song may be fitting for foot stomping without containing stomping. All a song needs for this purpose is a particular rhythm (often drum beat / percussion).

I think there's something very intense and strong in songs with stomp-alike beats.

Now put your boots on and start stomping.

The Top Ten

1 We Will Rock You - Queen

I'm always clapping and stomping when I hear it. - Userguy44

If you watch the official video clip to this song, you'll see that Queen are stomping (and clapping) - Metal_Treasure

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2 Thunderstruck - AC/DC UListen to Sample
3 Stompa - Serena Ryder

"Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet" - Metal_Treasure

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4 Rumour Has It - Adele UListen to Sample
5 Some Nights - Fun. UListen to Sample
6 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Led Zeppelin

Impossible not to tap your foot

There is stomping and clapping in this song - Metal_Treasure

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7 Power - Rainbow UListen to Sample
8 Get Up Offa that Thing - James Brown UListen to Sample
9 Another One Bites the Dust - Queen UListen to Sample
10 It's My Life - Bon Jovi UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Footloose - Kenny Loggins UListen to Sample
12 The Wild Boys - Duran Duran

I love this song's beat! - Userguy44

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13 Anything 'Cept the Truth - Eagles of Death Metal UListen to Sample
14 Curse My Name - Blind Guardian

In the middle of the song there's even a section with stomp-alike instrumentation and overlapping vocal harmonies (my fave part of the song). - Metal_Treasure

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15 Wake Me Up - Avicii

This might be pretty fast for some people but it's good (for fast stomping) - Metal_Treasure

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16 Secret Crowds - Angels & Airwaves UListen to Sample
17 Where Is My Mind? - Pixies UListen to Sample
18 You Can Win If You Want - Modern Talking UListen to Sample
19 Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein UListen to Sample
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