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61 Canto 34
62 A Place to Die
63 Weight Beneath My Sin

I think this song would rise more if everyone had access to the version featuring Ryan Clark

What the hell!... Dis song is simply 1 of d best songs by ffdp. It should be in at least the top 20

64 Drum Solo
65 Here to Die
66 Matter of Time
67 Meet My Maker
68 You're Not My Kind
69 From Out of Nowhere

This is my favorate FFDP song I don't know why its number 67

70 Wicked Ways

How is this ranked so low? This is an amazing song and deserves to be in at least the top 20

71 I Love Jesus
72 Falling in Hate

67? Are you actually serious?


73 A New Level
74 You

This is an amazing song. One of the best songs in the album. I think it needs to be higher on the list. Way higher.

75 Anywhere but Here

One of the songs that helped me become a fan of 5FDP! Not to mention this song is a pretty great duet. Deserves to be higher.

This song is very great with a really deep meaning. should be a lot higher than 43

This is one of the best songs from 5fdp in my opinion.
it is amazing how beatifull vocals and great metal can combine

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76 M.I.N.E. (End This Way)

Whoever votes on here sucks that's all I have to say this is at least number 3

Best song from the in my opinion. This should be in the top 10.

Totally agree this needs to be in top 10!

This song is way too far down. This song is easily one of my favorite songs by Five Finger Death Punch. This song takes their recognizable vocals and kickass guitar riffs, into this emotional song.

Meh vote as you wish.

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77 Wrecking Ball

Easily one of their best songs, it's agressive and catchy what more do you want?

78 My Heart Lied

My dick did to

79 House of the Rising Sun

It takes guts to cover such a classic!

Great rendition of on old classic by The Animals.

Better than the classic, full stop.

This song should be number 1

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80 Boots and Blood

The PERFECT FFDP song. The guitar, the lyrics, everything works so ridiculously well. My best friend can't listen to it when he's at home, and begs me every time he's in my car to play it. It owns your whole body, mind, and soul every time you listen to it!

If this song doesn't get you pumped up, you have no pulse.

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