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Foxy x Mangle

Honestly, I don't think it would work out. Mangle is his replacement. Also, Mangle is a dog, and Foxy is a child. And they are both animatronics. Foxy was the least favorited by kids, and Mangle was favorited by tons of kids. But also after she was mangled, the kids were probably scared. But on the other hand, it's actually kind of cute!

So, First of all, I've always wanted to ship mangle, so here we are with the best dhip including mangle I could find on this list. second, two foxes together, like, bruh yeah. for some reason, I don't want to look at any more fanart from this.

omg its just perfect 2 foxes together I don't get why springtrap and mangle are shipped tho, springtrap literally killed mangle and marionette put the spirit back into the animatronic Mangle.

I love this ship they just go together you don’t have to think about it you can tell they go together
-Ice the animatronic wolf

Foxy x Chica

The best ship ever! In school our table is full of fnaf fans, but I'm the biggest one. And I'm lit the only one who ships this this
is the best ship everr!

I love this ship! It's my OTP to be honest. I love this ship. It feels so good to ship and it doesn't need a reason or a base to be shipped. I love it.

It's SO cute the way the a predictor can like a thing it could eat! It feels so right to ship them together ( people ship Judy x Ncik from Zootopia) THEIR SO CUTE

I love this one. However I think Mangle and Foxy are brother and sister. (Just my thought)

Freddy x Bonnie

This is the very first ship I found in the fandom, but I wouldn't have such emotional attachment to it, I kinda just like the idea

I’m not like those fan girls and fanboys who love Foxy and Springtrap. I love Bonnie because I think he is the most adorable animatronic.

Here’s my reasons
•OPT yes it is my opt their both original animatronics I like how Bonnie and Freddy just go together good and really I don’t have any other reasons I just ship it

HOW did Foxy x Chica get higher voted than this?!

Bonnie x Chica

This ship is so cute than Foxy x Chica! Let me tell you, Foxy x Chica is a really terrible ship because Foxy is a CARNIVORE which eats chicken. Chica really hates someone who is eating a chicken infront of her.(same goes with Freddy x Chica) This ship is way more cuter than other ship because their eye colour match, their body colour match and their ship name are so beautiful! BONNICA IS THE BEST!

I mean like... I just whatched a video where bonnie almost gave up his life for her when her suit was broken... they are such a good ship...

It makes sense I think that Scott Cawthon like this ship too. Bonnie and chica got the same function in most games even in UCN voices got withered CHica and withered Bonnie. The others like freddy and foxy don't have voices in withered version. I think that this ship is co cute and cool, chica is the best girl for bonnie ( form UCN we know that animaronics are NOT! gay or lesbian ) so this ship is just perfect

They are so cute together and I love there fanart and there colors together makes me so hypnotized on them. I use to love Foxy and chica but then mangle came and I thought they there were better for each other. If you don't like my answer then that's fine.

Bonnie x Foxy

YESSSSS! This is an amazing ship. All you people who don't like gays get out of here. I proudly represent Lgbtq+ so if you don't like it and like to pick on people because of it well than shame on you! Everyone is perfect in their own way and this ship definitely teaches people that.

Not gonna lie I would ship this if I didn’t ship Foxy x Mangle and I’m not telling who I am shipping Bonnie (No it’s not Chica) with but the ship is still cute.

Bonnie and foxy just work in my mind. I think of Bonnie to be the smart guy who would notice foxy when he's so lonely, and Foxy's just so likable. Definitely my favorite... by the way I don't like foxy x mangle because they actually hate each other. SHE REPLACED HIM, and I don't ship them just because they're both foxes. BONNIE X FOXY For LIFE!

Definitely not going to happen in canon, but in my AU, they're pretty much made for each other. Foxy is an energetic, positive fox who secretly feels lonely because of his isolation, and Bonnie is, to put it bluntly, tsundere.

Lolbit x Funtime Foxy

I used to ship. I kinds still do but now I ship Ballora x funtime foxy . I still love this tho

I believe funtime Foxy is a boy and lolbit is a girl and I also love this ship

I myself beileve this would be adorable because I see Lolbit as female (and sorta have a crush on her myself) and we have ultimate custom night confirmation that Funtime Foxy is male so I don't see why this would be bad, ITS JUST PLAIN ON ADORABLE. THEY'RE BOTH FOXES THAT LOOK THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT COLORS THEY WOULD BE ADORABLE TOGETHER!

I loves this one because there both foxes and go good together

Toy Chica x Bonnie

I really hate this ship! For some reason! This couple is not perfect together! How can Bonnie and Toy Chica meet together? I USE LOGIC RIGHT NOW! Bonnie existed in the year between 1990-1995 (possibly 1993) while Toy Chica existed way before Bonnie. She existed in the year 1987. Withered Bonnie IS NOT Bonnie! Don't believe the SFM! They do it just for fun! So in that case, actually Bonnie never knew Toy Chica! He just only knew her through Golden Freddy or some newspapers! Also, every ship have their own ship names like Bonnie and Chica is Bonnica, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica is Toy Bonnica! So what is Bonnie Toy Chica ship name? Bonnie belongs to Chica BETTER! So I ship Bonnie and Chica!

I absolutely hate this ship. Bonnie x Chica go WAY better than Bonnie x Toy Chica! Yuck!

I hate this ship its actually bonnie x chica and toy bonnie x toy chica

I don't know what happened here

Toy Bonnie x Springtrap

I don't like it because springtrap is William and is a kid...

This is random but I like it

Wh- where did this exist

Springtrap x Mangle

I think they both will work out cause they're both all torn apart and a little bit... Eh, I don't know left out? So ye I think both of them will do fine. Also I hate Foxy x Mangle! Ugh, who even ships that sort of thing?

I don't understand why this is only #7 on the list! I love this ship SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHH! Here is my reasoning:

- Springtrap isn't William Afton (PG), he's Michael Afton
- I believe that Elizabeth Afton AND her dog were both fused together to make Mangle (hence why Mangle has two endoskeletons, and why she has both the female and male voice in UCN)
- Mangle X Springtrap is a cute ship because I would believe that Springtrap would be constantly trying to fix Mangle and vice versa!
- This ship makes SO MUCH SENSE!

I hate the Foxy X Mangle ship SO MUCH! I see them as siblings or friends. Just because they are both foxes doesn't mean that they should be shipped. Plus, there would be no way that they would meet because of the fact that Withered Foxy and Foxy are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMATRONICS!

That's just my opinion :p

-- A Springtrap X Mangle lover

Their sadly both broken and alone, so shipping them actually makes sense. SO WHAT their both animals! People ship Nick x Judy from Zootopia! So yea! It's a great and cute ship!

She is going to be married with the guy that tried to kill her.
SENSE 100%

Marionette x Balloon Boy

okay sorry but I honstly don,t like this ship bc I kinda ship marionette x golden freddy x cb so its kinda like, charlie x cassidy x elizabeth

I don't actually know why but I like it!

HECK YES, I honestly LOVE this ship, it's my OTP


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Toy Chica x Cupcake

This is a masterpiece of all ships so this is obviously one of my OTPs.

This pair is inseparable. Literally.

There meant to be

They’re inseparable- literally. Adorable.

Puppet x Springtrap

Yas Puppet x Springtrap is my fave ship other than Mangle x Foxy

It's so meant to be!

I really like it

Oki I ship this a lil too much

Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon

I ship Funtime Freddy X Chicken and I don't know why ;w;

I also ship Bon Bon X Bonnet and I don't know why ;w;

But this ship makes sense, though it would kinda be an abusive relationship, with Ft. Freddy constantly launching Bon Bon at the door XD

Tho I Ship Ft. Freddy With Ft. Foxy I Will Still Like My 2nd Oldest Ship I Ever Made In SL The First Ship In SL I Have Was Ft. Freddy And Ft. Foxy But I Decided That I liked Ft. Freddy And Bon-Bon Ship But I Still Like Ft. Freddy And Ft. Foxy Ship Too

They honestly get along together better than the others and them do, just ignore that BonBon believes they're all idiots, she's known to be cranky (and quick random reminder; Bonnet is a guy, stop judging on color)

I think It's gross now since his hand is in her / him (I don't know I thinks it's a her ._.)

Freddy x Chica

It's an okay ship, but no offense, I ship Bonnie X Chica more ;w;

I shipped ever since fnaf came out it's a super cute ship!

It is a really good ship, my second favourite.

I like bonnie and foxy more but still

Circus Baby x Ennard

I have always shipped them together because they r both clowns so why not I'm mean-like who does not ship!
If u don't I WILL GET U

I really like this ship the most because I new this ship the most and I think it should be higher

Considering the fact that they are both clowns this would be pretty good.

This is so cute they are both clowns, my friend roleplays as circus baby, and her boyfriend likes Kennard.

Mike Schmidt x Bonnie

Mike shouldn't be animals

Mike x Foxy

Ummm doesn't freddy hate him

I honestly don't know why but Mike x Foxy is just really adorable to me, sure you can make the claim OH ONES A ROBOT THE OTHER IS HUMAN ITS GROSS! but I don't care. It's cute, I love it, mic drop, bye

could be better

Foxy x Mike
Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy

I SHIP THIS A TON. Also I think this ship should be on the top ten FNaF ship list :P The reason I ship this is cause Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy seem cute together! This ship is 100% gonna work out, like no break ups and stuff like that :D

OMG! this is so cute! I don't care if they are both girls or both boys! This has to be the cutest ship I have ever seen other than Puppet x Baby or Michael Afton x Ennard.

I heard Scott said they are both girls but I still think of them as male (ft. Freddy) and female (ft. foxy). I'm not a fan of gay ships though I just love this watching gacha life

I used to ship . But then I stopped . I didn't care for it anymore. Then I figured out Funtime foxy was a boy so I stopped shipping right on time :)

Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

This ship is awesome it goes with the meeting part and goes so right ITS PERFECT

I hate them both so I love this ship! (They deserved what Bonnie did!)

Well, I may prefer Toy Chica x Bonnie but this ship is kind of good.

This is who Toy Chica should be shipped with, not Mangle.

Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare

I just really like this ship and could someone please tell me why C.C. x Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare exists? Isn't C.C. like 9 and the nightmares are who knows how old?

I wish there was a ship called ballora and springtrap and crying child and nightmare

I don't know why I ship lol


Balloon Boy x Balloon

You get the idea but I also like shipping him with batteries so I like shipping Balloon boy x batteries x balloon.

This is the most beautiful ship on this website.

JUst like chica x cupcake, an inseparable pair.

Beautiful ship! Just beautiful!

Jeremy x Mike

This has got to be one of the cutest ships ever

Legit this needs to be a thing

I don't know lolz

its cute now that I'm thinking about it.

Plushtrap x Balloon Boy

When did this exist

Hell no!

not the best but not the worst

they both beans sooo

PG x Phone guy

you know this is basically purple guy x purple guy? I LOVE IT!

Purple phone for life!(it sounds so weird together XD)

My favorite ship.


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