Best Five Night at Freddy's Ships

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1 Foxy x Chica

Yup. Google images has pics of this, ship. - nintendofan126

There's no way to explain it, it just feels natural to ship them.

It's an Original and Cute ship. I love it!

This list is dumb, they're ANIMATRONICS. They CANNOT DATE. - DCfnaf

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2 Foxy x Mangle

It's the best of the best's

This ship justs pops into my mind when I hear the words "which of the fnaf characters you ship together? "

Fangle is my favorite.

I think they'd make a good couple :3 - TwilightKitsune

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3 Bonnie x Chica

THIS SHOULD BE #1, YOU NOOBS! (sorry Fandom _ lover 75 the who typed this because me and Fandom are friends in real life and shared the same gadget and typed this me forgetting this is my account she used) - waterlover

My favorite ship, Bonnie + chica = Easter, and the fan art is cute! Fronnie and Foxica fanart... Need I explain why it disgusts me?

4 Freddy x Bonnie V 2 Comments
5 Springtrap x Mangle V 1 Comment
6 Freddy x Chica
7 Freddy x Golden Freddy
8 Bonnie x Toy Bonnie
9 Balloon Boy x Balloon
10 Mike x Foxy

The Contenders

11 Bonnie x Foxy V 1 Comment
12 Plushtrap x Balloon Boy
13 Mike x Jeremy
14 Springtrap x Chica V 1 Comment
15 Mangle x Foxy
16 Toy Bonnie x Bonnie V 1 Comment
17 PG x Phone guy V 1 Comment
18 Toy Chica x Cupcake
19 Golden Freddy x Springtrap
20 BB x BG
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1. Foxy x Mangle
2. Bonnie x Chica
3. Freddy x Bonnie
1. Foxy x Chica
2. Mike x Jeremy
3. Bonnie x Foxy
1. Mangle x Foxy
2. Bonnie x Chica
3. Toy Bonnie x Bonnie



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