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1 Foxy x Mangle

It's the best of the best's

It cuter than foxy and chica and beside this is my favorite ship, I ship them so much

Yes I ship my self with foxy don't judge (its mangle)

Meh I guess

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2 Foxy x Chica

Yup. Google images has pics of this, ship. - nintendofan126

There's no way to explain it, it just feels natural to ship them.

Its kinda weird because in real life foxes kill chickens

They are in the same Pizzeria if you should foxy mangle doing differently pizzerias because they're basically enemies Nummies

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3 Bonnie x Chica

THIS SHOULD BE #1, YOU NOOBS! (sorry Fandom _ lover 75 the who typed this because me and Fandom are friends in real life and shared the same gadget and typed this me forgetting this is my account she used) - waterlover

They are so cute together and I love there fanart and there colors together makes me so hypnotized on them. I use to love Foxy and chica but then mangle came and I thought they there were better for each other. If you don't like my answer then that's fine.

This ship is so cute than Foxy x Chica! Let me tell you, Foxy x Chica is a really terrible ship because Foxy is a CARNIVORE which eats chicken. Chica really hates someone who is eating a chicken infront of her.(same goes with Freddy x Chica) This ship is way more cuter than other ship because their eye colour match, their body colour match and their ship name are so beautiful! BONNICA IS THE BEST!


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4 Freddy x Bonnie

I kinda ship it

Bonnie and Freddy aren't gay - Goatworlds

Hottest FNaF yaoi ship.

5 Springtrap x Mangle

Their sadly both broken and alone, so shipping them actually makes sense. SO WHAT their both animals! People ship Nick x Judy from Zootopia! So yea! It's a great and cute ship!


There cutie~togther

Hey, makes sense at least. they are both insanely damaged and to be honest, there is someone for everyone. even these two.

6 Freddy x Chica

It looks like an aged spongecake

Yes it's actually so ' cute


7 Bonnie x Foxy

I just... I dunno. I agree with the comment about their personalities, and another thing... I think I'm on too much youtube.

Definitely not going to happen in canon, but in my AU, they're pretty much made for each other. Foxy is an energetic, positive fox who secretly feels lonely because of his isolation, and Bonnie is, to put it bluntly, tsundere.

They can't be gay, they're robots - Goatworlds

8 Plushtrap x Balloon Boy
9 Mangle x Foxy


This is a cute shop fir a many reasons one they are both foxes and two it’s just cute

10 Balloon Boy x Balloon

Absolute perfection I'm-

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? Puppet x Ennard

They are so perfect

? Puppet x Springtrap

so dorbs

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11 Toy Bonnie x Bonnie

This ship is literally the best!


12 Freddy x Golden Freddy
13 Golden Freddy x Springtrap

I love this ship it’s so cute

14 Mike x Jeremy
15 Springtrap x Chica

God no!

16 PG x Phone guy

My favorite ship.

17 Bonnie x Toy Bonnie
18 Mike x Foxy
19 Mangle x Springtrap


20 BB x BG
21 Toy Chica x Foxy

When I was little I used to do roleplays with my friends and I was always foxy and my other friend was always toy chica and we always use to ship each other,and when I got older I just felt that foxy who's a boss pirate with a hook would want toy Chica which has the looks and has cheeks for days,I've just gotten used to the ship and it deserves to be higher on the list.

22 Toy Chica x Cupcake
23 Bonnie x Toy Chica

I really hate this ship! For some reason! This couple is not perfect together! How can Bonnie and Toy Chica meet together? I USE LOGIC RIGHT NOW! Bonnie existed in the year between 1990-1995 (possibly 1993) while Toy Chica existed way before Bonnie. She existed in the year 1987. Withered Bonnie IS NOT Bonnie! Don't believe the SFM! They do it just for fun! So in that case, actually Bonnie never knew Toy Chica! He just only knew her through Golden Freddy or some newspapers! Also, every ship have their own ship names like Bonnie and Chica is Bonnica, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica is Toy Bonnica! So what is Bonnie Toy Chica ship name? Bonnie belongs to Chica BETTER! So I ship Bonnie and Chica!

I absolutely hate this ship. Bonnie x Chica go WAY better than Bonnie x Toy Chica! Yuck!

I don't know why but I think its meant to be cause just google it for the cutest things ever! 😍😍

24 Freddy x Foxy
25 Marionette x Golden Freddy

This is my absolute favourite ship! SO ADORABLE

26 Circus Baby x Funtime Freddy

I made kids for them.

"Best Ship Ever! " -Ashley

"Awesome! " -Neko~Chan

"AWW! " -Me

27 Ballora x Ennard

Love that ship

I really don’t like this ship, I feel as though their personalities would clash horribly.

28 Mangle x Chica
29 Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica
30 Foxy x Springtrap

I Love This Ship! They Both are Out Of Order and Torn up, So It makes Sense. And The FanArt Is Really Cute.

31 Lolbit x Tangle
32 Marionette x Balloon Boy
33 Freddy x Mangle
34 Mangle x Toy Chica

This is like foxy x chica so why not its toy version and heck it's cute

Well there bffs and are really close and Chicadee is his only friend besides bb and MarioNETTE

35 Jeremy x Mike

This has got to be one of the cutest ships ever

36 Circus Baby x Ennard
37 Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon
38 Toy Freddy X Funtime Foxy

Cutest ever. The sad story of Toy Freddy discovering his true love ripped himself apart. Sad. But cute

39 Foxy x Golden Freddy
40 Ballora x Funtime Foxy
41 Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare
42 Scrap Baby x Molten Freddy

This is why you don't trust me with ships!

43 Lefty x Ennard

There just both so creepy it just seems like there perfect together - kerionia

44 Puppet x Baby
45 Baby x Ballora

This is my number one favorite ship and honestly makes the most sense to me since there are other ships that we will not speak of... *Cough, cough* Ballora x Puppet *Cough, cough*

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1. Foxy x Chica
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1. Mangle x Foxy
2. Bonnie x Chica
3. Toy Bonnie x Bonnie


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