Best Five Night at Freddy's Ships

The Top Ten Best Five Night at Freddy's Ships

1 Foxy x Mangle

They both are foxes and foxy x Chica is weird because Chica is a chicken and foxy is fox and some foxes eat chickens

Yesss this is the first ship I heard of and still remains my favorite

It's the best of the best's

It cuter than foxy and chica and beside this is my favorite ship, I ship them so much

2 Foxy x Chica

I love this one. However I think Mangle and Foxy are brother and sister. (Just my thought)

Yup. Google images has pics of this, ship. - nintendofan126

Best one yet. They make a cute couple

It's an Original and Cute ship. I love it!

3 Freddy x Bonnie

this should be number one I shipped this way back from 2016 and still ship it today

I’m not like those fan girls and fanboys who love Foxy and Springtrap. I love Bonnie because I think he is the most adorable animatronic.

HOW did Foxy x Chica get higher voted than this?!

I kinda ship it

4 Bonnie x Chica

It’s the best ship ever Freddy is being ship with is microphone for now on.

They do the same in fnaf games. They just so perfect toogether.

Bonnie and Chica are a cute couple because in my opinion Bonnie is a nice and cute bunny and Chica is a sweet pizza loving chicken, not to mention they are the best Easter couple ever.

THIS SHOULD BE #1, YOU NOOBS! (sorry Fandom _ lover 75 the who typed this because me and Fandom are friends in real life and shared the same gadget and typed this me forgetting this is my account she used) - waterlover

5 Bonnie x Foxy

I honestly think this ship should be higher up in my opinion. They work so well together! Bonny x Foxy for life.

Bonnie and foxy just work in my mind. I think of Bonnie to be the smart guy who would notice foxy when he's so lonely, and Foxy's just so likable. Definitely my favorite... by the way I don't like foxy x mangle because they actually hate each other. SHE REPLACED HIM, and I don't ship them just because they're both foxes. BONNIE X FOXY For LIFE!

No foxy x bonnie for hell. - XtheXlmao

These two work together pretty well actually

6 Lolbit x Funtime Foxy

I myself beileve this would be adorable because I see Lolbit as female (and sorta have a crush on her myself) and we have ultimate custom night confirmation that Funtime Foxy is male so I don't see why this would be bad, ITS JUST PLAIN ON ADORABLE. THEY'RE BOTH FOXES THAT LOOK THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT COLORS THEY WOULD BE ADORABLE TOGETHER!

This is cute, maybe not meant-to-be, but still cute

They're both creepy WHY NOT?

why the hell not - Fonniebest

7 Springtrap x Mangle

So tehcnically we're shipping a corpse and a dead dog, really? that's disgusting

She is going to be married with the guy that tried to kill her.
SENSE 100% - XtheXlmao

I'm voting just to tell XtheX that mangle isn't possesed by murdered child

Their sadly both broken and alone, so shipping them actually makes sense. SO WHAT their both animals! People ship Nick x Judy from Zootopia! So yea! It's a great and cute ship!

8 Toy Chica x Bonnie

I really hate this ship! For some reason! This couple is not perfect together! How can Bonnie and Toy Chica meet together? I USE LOGIC RIGHT NOW! Bonnie existed in the year between 1990-1995 (possibly 1993) while Toy Chica existed way before Bonnie. She existed in the year 1987. Withered Bonnie IS NOT Bonnie! Don't believe the SFM! They do it just for fun! So in that case, actually Bonnie never knew Toy Chica! He just only knew her through Golden Freddy or some newspapers! Also, every ship have their own ship names like Bonnie and Chica is Bonnica, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica is Toy Bonnica! So what is Bonnie Toy Chica ship name? Bonnie belongs to Chica BETTER! So I ship Bonnie and Chica!

I hate this ship its actually bonnie x chica and toy bonnie x toy chica

I absolutely hate this ship. Bonnie x Chica go WAY better than Bonnie x Toy Chica! Yuck!

Nope hate this ship

9 Toy Bonnie x Springtrap

It is gay

Wh- where did this exist

10 Puppet x Springtrap

Yas Puppet x Springtrap is my fave ship other than Mangle x Foxy

It's so meant to be!

Yes, yes, YES! Love it!

they were meant to be

The Contenders

11 Marionette x Balloon Boy
12 Toy Chica x Cupcake

Ommmg yes!

13 Freddy x Chica

Now this one looks better - ElSherlock

Yes it's actually so ' cute

BEST SHIP EVER don't make freddy sad, bonnie doesn't deserve chica #FREDDY X CHICA 4 LIFE #FREDICA4LIFE

It's an okay ship, but no offense, I ship Bonnie X Chica more ;w;

14 Mike x Foxy

I honestly don't know why but Mike x Foxy is just really adorable to me, sure you can make the claim OH ONES A ROBOT THE OTHER IS HUMAN ITS GROSS! but I don't care. It's cute, I love it, mic drop, bye

could be better - Fonniebest

Ummm doesn't freddy hate him

15 Mike Schmidt x Bonnie

Mike shouldn't be animals


16 Circus Baby x Ennard

It's okay, though TECHNICALLY Ennard would be touching... nevermind, this thought needs to be censored.

I really like this ship the most because I new this ship the most and I think it should be higher

I love this ship!

This was my first ever ship and I think It's SO CUTE

17 Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon

I ship Funtime Freddy X Chicken and I don't know why ;w;

I also ship Bon Bon X Bonnet and I don't know why ;w;

But this ship makes sense, though it would kinda be an abusive relationship, with Ft. Freddy constantly launching Bon Bon at the door XD

Is it bad that this is my OTP?

Oh. - HistorianaPhilippiniana


18 Foxy x Mike

The hell?!? - ElSherlock

19 Bon Bon x Funtime Freddy


love IT - Fonniebest

They’re literally attached

20 Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy

There the only one who is a version of the originals and there really cute

I love this ship I think it should be number one

I Love so much this ship!

This ship is great

21 Plushtrap x Balloon Boy

When did this exist

why gay - XtheXlmao

NO! NO! NO! - SackofCheese

NOO please no!

22 Balloon Boy x Balloon

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Absolute perfection I'm-

This is the most beautiful ship on this website.

Best ship ever. - TeamRocket747

23 Jeremy x Mike

This has got to be one of the cutest ships ever

Legit this needs to be a thing

Stop - ElSherlock

why gay - XtheXlmao

24 PG x Phone guy

My favorite ship.

you know this is basically purple guy x purple guy? I LOVE IT!



25 Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

This ship is WAYYY better than Toy Bonnie X Bonnie or Toy Chica X Bonnie!

This ship is awesome it goes with the meeting part and goes so right ITS PERFECT

THE BEST (Bonnie x toy chica is a NOPE! )

This is the first ship I ever saw

26 Golden Freddy x Springtrap

I know people don't really like this ship the most but since I've heard if it, I've been in love with this ship!

They both gold... That's it.

It gayness is so CUTE!

I ship so much

27 Springtrap x Chica

I don't ship this but with how I see their personalities I think this could be a really good couple because chica could be a support/influence on springtrap and he can protect her and have some way of feeling human again.i still ship chica x bonnie and springtrap x ballora though.

Nope springtrap has to stay with golden freddy

It's number 18 on my top 30

God no!

28 Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare

WHY HELL NOT - Fonniebest

THis is hot, how can people NOT ship them? >:(((

29 Freddy x Golden Freddy

So cute!

I just love goldy ok!

30 Marionette x Golden Freddy

One of the best ship ever!

This is my absolute favourite ship! SO ADORABLE

They have magic

It adorable

31 Mangle x Foxy

Strait up true

Sips this in all my fanfics


This is a cute shop fir a many reasons one they are both foxes and two it’s just cute

32 Bonnie x Toy Bonnie
33 BB x BG

Well there both annoying their the same person

They made for each other

Balloon girl? - ElSherlock

LOL wut - XtheXlmao

34 Toy Bonnie x Bonnie

This ship is literally the best!

I like it I think it should be foxy x bonnie but YESH - Fonniebest



35 Circus Baby x Funtime Freddy

I made kids for them.

My number 1 ship for ever

This should be better that ft. foxy and ft.freddy

My OTP forever

36 Scrap Baby x Molten Freddy

Best pizzeria simulator ship beside scraptrap x security puppet

What baby is just a 9-year-old kiddo and is shes trying to be married with her mom? - XtheXlmao

This is why you don't trust me with ships!

Met in the past now back to the future

37 Mangle x Springtrap

So CUTE! Springtrap is my favorite. character anyway!


So darn cute!

I love them so much plus, their both broken so Spring could fix Mangle then Mangle could fix Spring! So it’s a win-win of course.

38 Freddy x Foxy

This is actually my favorite ship like it's so adorable!

Best... ship... ever



39 Ballora x Ennard

Love that ship

Fandom logic I guess

Eh fandom logic

Ballora is cheating on william afton. - XtheXlmao

40 Mike x Jeremy

That's like shipping a school principal with the former school principal from 6 years ago - TeamRocket747

I like this ship.

Soo cute!

41 Mangle x Golden Freddy
42 Mangle x Toy Chica

They are cute together, even though... I hate seeing videos where people make them hate each other... DUDE... they are like BFF... and if they have something more between they.. leave them alone... they deserve the best

This is like foxy x chica so why not its toy version and heck it's cute

No... just no

Well there bffs and are really close and Chicadee is his only friend besides bb and MarioNETTE

43 Puppet x Ballora

It's one of my favorite ships

love it

I ship it!

Its not like I AGREE with it but...its IS really cute. � -

44 Toy Chica x Foxy

Yes. This ship is the best thing since sliced bread

When I was little I used to do roleplays with my friends and I was always foxy and my other friend was always toy chica and we always use to ship each other,and when I got older I just felt that foxy who's a boss pirate with a hook would want toy Chica which has the looks and has cheeks for days,I've just gotten used to the ship and it deserves to be higher on the list.

45 Lolbit x Yendo

I don't know y but I watched a series on YouTube and this really made me ship this. - Floss143

They were meant for each other!

Just ship it


46 Foxy x Springtrap

I Love This Ship! They Both are Out Of Order and Torn up, So It makes Sense. And The FanArt Is Really Cute.

47 Foxy x Golden Freddy
48 Freddy x Mangle


49 Mangle x Chica

Stop shipping Toy Chica and Mangle because there best friends, also there not a lot of fanart about Mangle x Chica.

50 Lolbit x Tangle
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