Top Ten Five Nights at Freddy's Characters We Should Feel Sorry For

So, a few characters had a few theories and things happen to them that are just not meant to be. Here are the top ten. This is just my opinion, so don't add items! Just make a remix if you don't agree.

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21 Broken Bonnie (FNAF 2)

Come on he got ripped apart in the Bonnie song why don't you feel bad about him?!

Cause we're busy feeling sorry for 'Bonnie (FNaF 2)' who is currently in the second place spot.

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22 Chica (Fnaf 1) Chica (Fnaf 1)

Chica is a normal chicken that isn't broken. She happily stares through your window waiting for you to open the door. Funnily enough, she doesn't care about your choice of words. Door is open, boom. Be prepared. She's fine, feel bad for the withered one.

Her hands are all wires, Her arms and legs got torn up. That picture of toy chica near the beginning of the list is this chica not the second!

I chica best and should be top on best list

23 Bonnet Bonnet

He's probably tired of people tapping him on the nose. He probably got a really bad bloody nose if he was human!

so bad

24 Toy Chica (FNAF 1)

You mean FNAF 2. But anyway, she lost her beak and eyes. Sure, it's nothing compared to Old Bonnie, Old Chica, or Mangle, but it's still a bit sad.

Toy chica is awesome and adorable in how to make fnaf 2 not scary

She needs more love! She lost her eyes and beek! It's the worst out of all the toys!

Toy chica is from fnaf 1
I can see it now...
she was in the kitchen THIS WHOLE TIME - TeamRocket747

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25 Fredbear

He didn't mean to kill the crying child! It was the kid's brother that put him in his mouth in the first place, and the springlocks probably messed up or something.

26 Henry (FNAF 4)


Remember him being killed by baby in FNAF world! Sereuoly in my story the purple guy is William and he shiver Henry in the springlock suit! I agree with Sky the nightgard. Henry is the evil one because his son and daughter got killed by the animatronics!
That's just my opinion.

27 Golden Freddy Golden Freddy

Its sad because he got killed by Purple guy like everyone els but he was special he is gold!

He is always being mistaken as the bad guy!

28 Balloon Girl Balloon Girl

She never gets to jumpscare you.

29 Phantom Chica Phantom Chica

The rest of the phamtoms are shaped like they were in fnaf 2, she looks like she shaped like she is in fnaf 1 for some reason, why?
i love her and I also loved her since fnaf 1, I felt bad her since fnaf 2, her replace is SEXYY, fnaf 3 she is pretty and the best she looks very pretty.
and... fnaf 4 she is crap,
why I like her
1. fans do not have a oppinon on her, I feel bad for her ( she breaks)
2. she is very round and fat and cute
3. she will bite you, inculdes the haters I hope
4. she is creepy
5. she breaks
6. the other party girl
7. she is a big eater
8. I is neat that she ripped her bib huh
9. she has no beak
10. she is a toy


30 Phantom Freddy

Phantom Freddy has only one leg! We should fell sorry for him

31 Old Chica (FNAF 2)

You should feel bad for old chica... her getting half of her arms ripped off... Imagine if you still wanted to hold that cupcake carl? Well you can't without arms but really though.. I feel bad for her.. - -FuntimeFreddy-

She can't hold cupcake carl

32 Fritz (FNAF)
33 Puppet Master (FNAF)

She was went to a birthday party and got locked away and transformed into this creepy animatronic by Purple Guy. Does anyone feel sorry for her?

34 Ballora (Sister Location) Ballora (Sister Location)

Balora is from the sequel to FNaF 4, Sister Location. Feel sorry for her because she's blind and she is being shocked literally SHOCKED every day! And she is forced to spin around all day!

35 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy
36 Night Guard

UMM HELLO he got terrified by EVERY BODY you should feel bad for him

I'm. So freaked out as the player

37 Nightmarionne Nightmarionne

Nightmarionne is a Puppet Doesn't Anyone Else Feel Sorry For Nightmarione

38 Bonnie (First Game) Bonnie (First Game)

Come on he has to play that guitar (ok that's really cool how he gets to play the guitar bug I see he's tired of doing it everyday.) and sing the same songs he've known since he've was built and the business of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza started.

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