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1 Five Nights at Candy's

Blank punches your window - Mefty

Although its not my favorite fan game the story line is SO good that you should try it, its really good. Also, I love the fact that this game mentions Freddy Faz bears Pizzeria (2) and the death screen has the closing newspaper for freddy Faz Bears Pizza or pizzeria or whatever. And sorry for the horrible grammar I'm a fast typer. One more thing, there should be a fnac (five nights at candy's) 4, I don't know what you would do for it but I would be amazing and I bet it would skyrocket in popularity

- Random person on the internet


I love the game :3

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2 One Night at Flumpty's 2

This one is the hardest because of hard boiled mode

Its uhh... your in for a ride? that's all I can describe this game as

Nope - Mefty

This game is the best fnaf fan game ever made its even better than the original one

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3 One Night at Flumpty's 1

This fan game is amazing but gross and the jumpscare noises are... interesting

Still nope - Mefty

Although the door and light system is taken from the original Five Nights at Freddy's, the game is original with an EGG and his friends running after you - tackshooters

I guess Jonochrome, the developer of this game, is so crazy. I mean look at the characters and rooms. Does the office look disgusting? Still I like this game.

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4 The Joy of Creation: Reborn

This is the best game I have played in my life

Great Story, Amazing game, Good Graphics, Challenging game, (I meant this for the story mode whoops)


This game gives a new aspect to the FNAF franchise even if it is a part of the original games it is the best fan made game by far, because it lets you explore more of the area! All around is the best horror/adventure game I've played in a while. Not including any FNAF of course.

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5 Five Nights at the Chum Bucket


I hope Dakota Wood decides to finish Five Nights at Rock Bottom, which would have been the third game in the series, but he didn't finish it because he said he was't feeling motivated or something like that.

Squidward gotta have a vent system with him.. That is cool

I read the wiki. It said the animatronics were killing machines. I am not playing this game.

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6 Five Nights at Wario's 3

The fans need to stop - Mefty

You are in a house. You can switch rooms. Very original. - tackshooters

You just get stuck in an abandoned mansion and survive against creepy ghosts of Wario, Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Ashley, and DK. (Not counting Peach as she does not appear in game and only appears in the second picture of the first cutscene.) At the end, the guy in the Wario Man costume comes all the way to apologize to the ghosts for what he had done. Great game!

It's interesting how they used actual pictures.

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7 The Joy of Creation Story Mode

TJOC rules this should be number

Honestly, its fantastic. The interesting story mode, the terrifying graphics. Its absolutely amazing.


-Random Person on the Internet

It is incredible Good graphics, good sound,good resolution, its great

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8 Five Nights At.... Boy's 2

Bud taste the game samol

i hate it



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9 Five Nights at the Krusty Krab

me too

10 Five Nights at Finas

They should add a hard mode

Its really cool

Should be much lower on the list

I love fina - Mefty

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11 Five Nights at Wario's 2

What is this

I never really tried this game myself, but from the gameplay it does look pretty good. - tackshooters


Here are two facts. 1. The place that you do surveillance is a place that burned down, maybe 20 years, by Bowser and then he died in the fire. 2. The Phone Guy, Richard McRoy actually locked the player (Thomas Taylor) in the building to become bait for the ghosts. Richard McRoy is actually a villain.

12 Five Nights at Wario's

I think it’s great it has good potential.
Not to mention I like the Mario franchise.

I saw Dario at my door and left immediately. Way better and scarier than original fnaf - TeamRocket747

Original because most people would expect mario, Aslo I ❤️ The story and visuals. And using brawl box is very creative

13 Five Nights At.... Boy's 3

Stupid game cause it has the f word in it, Very stupid.

Slightly worse than the other games, but it still is very good. - tackshooters

14 Five Nights at Treasure Island

This one is good - ElSherlock

Just a great one it's a mix up between Abandoned by disney the creepypasta and fnaf also I LOVE the concept of shutting off a camera and I'm excited for Treasue Island the abandoned resort. I love the game and its concept this should be at number one not at fifteen anyway I love this game to my heart.

It is one, if not, THE FIRST fan game ever for fnaf. it was very unique in gameplay, has even more unique (almost0 sequels, and is highly well known. show more love, it's being remade anyway. #please? <:>

I just like it it’s base on one of my favorite creepy pastas but I would recommend the remasterd version because the original did not look as good in terms of models and graphics

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15 Five Nights at Venturiantale

The games really original.Sure you still have to survive,but you can go to room to room while HomeLessGoomba is trying kill you.You also have to hold the doors and stuff which makes it harder.The turtorial is also complex where you still have to survive.Great fan game.

16 Popgoes

Incredibly fun. Sad the sequel got canceled though

Should be number 1

Should be WAY higher up to be honest


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17 Five Nights at Funland
18 Bonnie Simulator 2


Amazing just no words

I love it its really fun

19 Five Nights at Rachel's

Very well made

Love the doggieee - Mefty

Its very cool and creative

Definitely a great fan game that should be higher on the list.

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20 Five Nights In Anime

Right... Sure thing?


This game is an abomination - ElSherlock


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21 Five Nights At.... Boy's 1

Love it so funny

Inhale my dong enragement child - TeamRocket747

Original concept. I do not have much to say about this, though. - tackshooters

22 Five Nights at Fluffer's
23 Dormitabis

It is very good

It is just good

This game is really complicated and fun, but doesn't get too much love. Here, it should be way higher.


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24 Super Fnaf

Good game

Game was so good and the endings where awesome and I like the little secrets that in there

so goood!

25 Five Nights at Pingas 2

This is a joke game - ElSherlock

Best game ever

Games like this and Five Nights at Illuminati are some of the worst fan games ever. They are extremely childish. Although I really hate these meme-related games, this one barely got in. The jumpscares are really bad, only a true beginner would be scared by them. I know I put a lot of negativity into this game, but what else would I put in number 10? - tackshooters

@tackshooters They're not supposed to be taken seriously, they're just jokes.

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26 Final Nights

One of the best games I have ever played do not let anyone tell you otherwise

Better than a few overrated fan games above this - TeamRocket747

Probably the best fan game ever

The best one yet

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27 The Return to Freddy's: Rebooted

Perfect fan game better than all of them realistic graphics and really really good mechanics!

Bets FNAF fan game ever!

28 Dayshift at Freddy's

I'm surprised to see this game, or series, so far down. The first game was hilarious. The second one was funny as well, but would really draw you in with its story. The third one was just an amazing experience and is definitely a tearjerker, thus it should be higher up on the list.

Really good game, should be about 5th or 6th in my opinion. None of the are THAT inappropriate but I feel dayshift at freddy's 2 took it a little to far.

-Random person on the internet

A hilarious series that really ended up pulling at my heartstrings at its conclusion - LatteAlchem

so funny

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29 Those Nights at Rachel's

This was my most favorite fan game out of them all, sadly it wasn't to popular, but still, I love all of the characters in the game, and I want to play it myself, if I could. *Sad Face*

Best game evah love the gameplay -WolfEnix

Even if the game came out more then some months (i think it's out since 2 years I am not sure ) it is a pretty good made game. The game is based on the unreal engine 4 which make the models, the light and basically everything look excellent. This takes place at a Restaurant called Doug and Rachels and with another restaurant comes another phone guy but he can�'t really act but his performance is great. This game makes you spin around two monitors and different hallways. You also have to walk to a backstage area that is near the office and close curtains to stop an animatronic coming out of the open curtains and jumpscare you. The creator also made Joy of Creation, Joy of creation: Reborn and Joy of creation story mode I highly recommend it

30 Five Nights at Candy's 3

I think that this should be number 1 as it is said 'the fnac best series

This Game is easily the best game in the entirety of the Five Nights at Candy's Trilogy. This game has more content then the first two games, the plot gets intense as you progress through the game, and the final boss in the last night is easily the most hardest and challenging final Boss in any FNAF fan game ( Main games not included) I have ever seen by watching the whole trilogy on youtube, and the last boss really is a pain in the but. Overall this game is easily the best one in the Trilogy, its probably the second best in the Trilogy only to the First Game.

The fnac is the best series

31 The Return to Freddy's 3

Just like fnaf three but with no phantoms and all characters have cool back stories.

32 Jolly 3

This game has excellent coding

An awesome game, themed off of sites location, but filled with original characters, and terrifying graphics. I repeat; AN AWESOME GAME. Check it out on YouTube, markiplier has a full playthrough of it.

33 Fazbear's Simulator

Tycoon or Horror Game? I DON’T CARE ITS TO FUN TO

34 Five Nights at Tubbyland
35 Case: Animatronics

This is not a fnaf fan game - Mhamad1544

"This game is a work of art with a brilliant plot"

36 Bubba's Diner

This is a really good game. I love it. Its not to scary and not to hard so I like it and it seems quite different from what I've seen before

I saw a youtuber played it and tried it myself its really a great made game but its kinda LOOKS like a copy of Fazbears Simulator there are the same jumpscare sounds the same tasks you need to do like unclog the toilet, print posters, Check one different animatronic each night, not every each night and check how long it takes for them to react to different sound effects or questions. But even if Bubba�'s Dinner is a copy it's well made what it is NOT because it is a fangame.

37 Final Nights 3
38 One Week at Flumpty's

Too bad it was cancelled

39 Five Nights at Candy's 2

It should be in second place while fnac 3 is in third, I honestly think all the fnac games are just as good as fnaf, but nothing beats the real game.

Best game here

Its even better then the 1st game very unique should be 1#

40 The Rise of Polly
41 Five Nights at Freddy's Warehouse
42 Five Nights at Pingas 3

The zombies in this game are cool

Pingas :o

43 Fredbear's Pastaria
44 Morsus
45 Five Nights at Pico's
46 Five Nights with 39

Underrated fan game. - TeamRocket747

47 Baldi's Basics in Nightmares

Oh hi *awkwardly waves*

48 Five Nights at Eyesaur's
49 Five Nights at Ronald's

Animatronics: Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie, Ronald Balloon, Grimace, Mayor McCheese

50 Five Nights at Chuck E Cheese

Wow col - Mefty

This game gave me nightmeres literly helen has blood driping from here eyes

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