Best Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzaria Simulator Characters

Although the game came in early December, 2017, Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzaria Simulator scared me. I'm not the one to normally get scared of games, but FNaF guaranteed me, a 'hold my beer' moment. Each game, I check the jumpscares. The first one of that game gives me a bit of shock. Scott, you sly devil! Now, I want to ask you TopTenners... who is the best character in this game? (Mine is Helpy)

The Top Ten

1 Helpy (Mini Funtime Freddy)

Adorable and helpful. He spends most of his life snapping his neck for 'play tests' for you! He is my personal favorite, though, that cute FNaF-world sort of look he has is just cuteness overload. - Wolfy_29

2 Molten Freddy Molten Freddy

Basically all (excluding Baby) of the Sister Location animatronics. Courtesy of Ennard. - Wolfy_29

3 Scrap Baby Scrap Baby

Our (maybe) favorite clownhead has a claw and roller blades. Then we find out she's the daughter of W. Afton. - Wolfy_29

4 Salvaged Springtrap (William Afton)

This dude finally has audio: "I always come back" and "You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it's still me." Surprised me. L to the O to the R to the E. - Wolfy_29

5 Lefty Lefty

The Marionette is in this bear. If you like Puppet... - Wolfy_29

6 Rockstar Freddy

The bear we all came to terms of being haunted by. - Wolfy_29

7 Rockstar Bonnie

Still a giant purple/blue rabbit. - Wolfy_29

Why so blue? You know I be true! And now, I make slithers out of youuu!

I found my guitar, now reach for the stars, as I plunge it... Through your heart!

Still a big purple rabbit.
Good one, Wolfy

8 Rockstar Chica

Maracas instead of cupcakes! BIG CHANGE. - Wolfy_29

9 Rockstar Foxy

The most expensive Rockstar. - Wolfy_29

10 Fruit Punch Clown

Fruit punch for everyone. - Wolfy_29

The Contenders

11 Lemonade Clown
12 Funtime Chica Funtime Chica

Say cheess!


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