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1 Ballora Ballora

I think that Ballora is the #1 FNAF Character in my opinion. She is Beautiful, an Amazing Ballerina, and I LOVE her music! To be honest, she is the best FNAF Character EVER! (Asides from Foxy, Balloon Boy, and Crying Child.)

She is the my favorite character! She has the best design and I love the way you have to not die from her by stopping when the music is louder. Best character ever and my favorite in video game history

Her clothes are... but she is a very scary robot and really the second main character of sister location with all here activity

I strangely relate to her in many ways.

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2 Baby Baby

Look people Baby is my favorite but I HATE I LIKE HATE HER HELPERS because they try to kill you on PURPOSE COME ON and Baby only kills you when you get the number wrong. I bet that happens because it sets off something then she scares you so if you think Baby did it on purpose your wrong. But I like toychica best in Five Nights at Freddy's but in sister location Baby is my favorite

She's unique and she literally is just so kind and pure and she doesn't like to hurt people. She also has a beautiful singing voice. And she's pretty so darn the people who say that she's ugly!

She is just so helpful, nice, and is overall just one of my favorite characters. Heck, she is probably more helpful than some of my friends in real life!

She's cute, I mean come on, she helps you throughout the game and her design is so amusing!

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3 Funtime Freddy Funtime Freddy

How could a Freddy be so amazing! I love how it's my favorite characters in one. Also he has the best voice. How is baby that high on the list when this guy is around ho freddy

How could a Freddy be so amazing! I love how it's my favorite characters in one. Also he has the best voice. How is baby that high on the list when this guy is around ho Freddy'

I hate how Funtime Freddy is lower than Foxy, Funtime Foxy is the lamest out of them all.

BON-BON, GO GET 'EM! - Wolfy_29

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4 Ennard Ennard

Best character in the game! (Please don't kill me.) But (s)he's got me so confused. Isn't this just Baby, but... Without her clown suit and prepared to kill me? because I was convinced that Baby was a pawn in Ennard's plan, (Put simply, Ennard pretends to be Baby and proceeds to scoop you) but I keep hearing they're the same character. What is happening? I leave the fandom for 4 months and everybody knows something I don't. (I should probably watch the fake ending again, but I'm too scared.) Grr.

He is pretty cool.He looks like a broken clown.

I love ennard he's my favorite charcter

I love this guy.he's the creepiest and in "FNAF" the creepiest characters are my favorite.exept "FNAF" 1.there I like foxy.i also like the characters you don't see very much in "FNAF" and ENNARD is all that

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5 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy

She's my favorite character in the game even if it's annoying when have to get past her in the game it's sad she doesn't have voice lines in the game she is still my favorite

Wow. Funtime foxy is AMAZING! She dose not have a voice people said she or he. That's why I love him or her it's a mystery...

Funtime foxy should be before funtime Freddy

I love Funtime Foxy! <3 she's so mysterious and cute :3 I honestly had no problems going through funtime auditorium we kept our distances (sadly ;-;) I'm shocked that ballora as at the top (as of 12/3/17) I hope FunTime Foxy can be number 1 #1

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6 Springtrap Springtrap Springtrap is a character in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, released in March 2, 2015. He's a green and gold bunny with another character named Vincent (Purple Guy) in him. Purple Guy being the murder of the 5 kids in the animatronics. While being an antagonist in Five Nights At Freddy's 3 and being the more.

He just appears for 3 seconds. - TeamRocket747

He Is Only In One Cutscene!

He wont be in it

Edit: Actually he technically WAS in it, but I won't spoil it. - DCfnaf

7 Bidybab Bidybab

Bidybab is a baby a cry baby

8 Michael Afton Michael Afton

Why does it look like he's holding his crotch? - TeamRocket747

Is it just me or is this anyone's favorite character besides Baby. No? Just me? 😭 - Ultron123

9 Lolbit Lolbit

Lol it rocks he/she is my favourite character

SHE IS SO CUTE! my favorite character out of all the fnaf animatronics besides chica

Lolbit is my favorite I'm going to make a channel with a pony lolbit as my maskcot

Lolbit is so cool and who cares if the deep vocie sliver the hegehog haters say " duh recolors" I have him/ her. even more than a brony, gee bronys suck and any way fnaf 5 is better than girl reboots like mlp. I want the lolbit plush the only fnaf 5 plush I have are funtime foxy, baby, ballora, bonnet, funtime freedy and I am getting lolbit for my b day next year ( I might not trying to spoil the sliver haters and the rainbow dash lovers)

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10 Minireena Minireena

Minireena is so weird I hate it so much

Reminds me of the Marionette/Puppet Senpai. They dance w/ Ballora in the gallery and wear white dresses.

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11 William Afton William Afton
12 Circus Baby
13 Bon Bon the Hand Puppet

I love Bon Bon I have him as a minecraft skin

Bon Bon is the best because he small but deadly!

I love bonbon he's so cute


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14 Adventure Spring Bonnie V 1 Comment
15 Bonnet Bonnet

Bonnet is newcomer I love her


Bonnet one of my favirites others being funtime freddy and bon bon

16 Little Girl
17 Bonnie Bonnie

Guys, Bonnie is in the game. Proof: Bonnie, along with Chica, is one of the original animatronics to lack a "funtime" counterpart in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

Despite lacking a "funtime" counterpart, he still appears in the form of Bon-Bon, a hand puppet worn by Funtime Freddy.

Bon-Bon's recolored counterpart, Bonnet, also appears exclusively in the Custom Night.

A brief scene of the first game's gameplay where Bonnie, along with Freddy and Chica, appearing on stage can be seen at the start of the game's trailer. - TeamRocket747

18 Adventure Springtrap

He wont be in it - DCfnaf

19 The Night Guard

Mm mm yes. One of the only characters that don't kill you.. Mm yes

20 William Atkins

Just for future lists: It's William Afton. - DCfnaf

Atkins? *WHEEZE*

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