Best Five Nights at Freddy's, Sister Location Ships

FNaF Ships, for Sister Location only, no cross shipping across games, non canon characters count and future versions of Funtimes do as well

The Top Ten

1 Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy

Cute, and more cute, creators fave - WanderingCatYt

Amazing! - WanderingCatYt

2 Baby X Ennard

It's my favorite ship I think it should be number 1

3 Ennard X Exotic Butters
4 Ballora x Ennard
5 Lolbit X Yenndo
6 Lolbit X Funtime Foxy

Shouldn’t happen - WanderingCatYt

7 Ennard X Baby
8 Eggs Benedict X Ennard
9 Funtime Freddy X BonBon

Your gae lol - Penguino



10 Ennard X Lolbit

Poor Lolbit, it’s animatronic abuse - WanderingCatYt

The Contenders

11 Circus Baby x Funtime Freddy


They work quite nicely. It's like... Uh... It can't compare! That's how unique and cute it is! ❤

12 Ballora x Baby

Way better than ft freddy x ft foxy because baby and ballora aren't siblings.

It's the first lesbian fnaf ship and I love it south and its cute

13 Bon Bon X Bonnet

YES THIS IS MY SHIP don't judge me ok

14 Bidybab x Minerinna
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