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41 Five Long Nights - JT Machinima

How is We Don't Bite higher than this?

Together, we can make this the new #1!

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42 This is the End - Natewantstobattle

This song makes me have to poop really bad

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43 Mangle Song

Would this be that exceptional Mangle song by Groundbreaking, or that other exceptional Mangle song by NateWantsToBattle? - LeiaSkywalker

I love it and I know all the words plus mangle is my favorite character

I like mangle

Search on youtube mangle song ajmv guys please!

44 Goodbye

Why, this is one of my top five favorites. I'm surprised this hasn't come up at all yet! This should be in the top 15

so good

It is so good!

TryHardNinja + DAGames = This awesome song! - LeiaSkywalker

45 I Can't Fix You

No matter how fast she says the lyrics I've listened to this so much I know all the words!

My favorite. The beat is awesome!

Best song in my opinion

46 Suicide Didn't Work - Miatriss
47 Lament - Miatriss
48 The Puppet Song
49 I'm the Purple Guy

Why is this song even 26? It's way too awesome to be this low!

The original was okay, but the REMASTERED version, ah, it's so incredible!

Oh my god... best song

Oh my GOD! I love this song (Both Versions) Plus Purple Guy is my fave FNAF person, SpringTrap is my fave anamatronic. I just love the story (by the way you play as him in Sister Location

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50 Not Here All Night

And the same goes here for this song! Why is it even this low? :,(

What?! Why is this so low!? This is by far the most amazing FNAF song out there!

Fantastic melody and sick beat! Especially love the rapping part.

"Hey there dude, glad you're back!
The last security guard just couldn't pick up the slack,
So now you're the new guy picking up the job,
So just please understand this nightmare never stops..."

This is one of DAGames best songs!

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51 You Can't Escape Me

...forget it, I'm not even shocked anymore - QuarterGuysApprentice

Are you kidding me? WHY IS THIS SO LOW? Mandopony is overrated and people only see The Living Tombstone because it's popular. This song has the best bass!

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52 Dream Your Dream

I love this song, in my opinion it's kinda sad. Anyone else? It's also really touching, too...

I love this song it plays in my for ever and ever I just love it so much

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53 They'll Find You - Griffinilla V 2 Comments
54 Freddy You Terrible C*** V 1 Comment
55 The Finale - Natewantstobattle

Watch this song! I watched it 3 months ago and still cannot get it out of my head!

Just before I went on this website I had it in my head

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56 Below the Surface

good song! - coolgamert

57 Springtrap Finale

I think that it's really catchy and awesome, especially in nightcore style.

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58 Chica - Mandopony

I know this song is just a joke, but I actually like it.

Did mandopony cam a sexual person

This song is so weird (I know it was a joke) - TheAlbinoWolf

59 Creepin' Towards the Door

To be honest I love this song so much! I wanna do the Charleston whenever I hear it and it could honestly be a darker Disney song. I LOVE THIS SONG WHY IS IT SO LOW ON THIS LIST?!

Come on! Can't this song be at least above 20? :(

I love this song if it were up to me it would be number 1 on the list

It's kind of creepy, but has a pretty fun beat. - LeiaSkywalker

60 Springtrap Finale - Groundbreaking

This song is amazing! I'm in love with it! It's so catchy and it has amazing lyrics!

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