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61 We Don't Bite
62 Tonight We're Not Alone

Love it. How is this song so low? Why? Ack, it's not even worth it ranting about how high this song should be. Welp, if anyone loves this song, don't be afraid and comment under me. Fnaf will always and forever be the greatest fandom ever. Who's with me?

63 Nothing Can Hurt Me
64 Wake Up
65 Painted Faces

This song really hits my emotional side. I have this strange feeling every time I watch the animation

Why is this so Low. This song as just as much emotion as Balloons.

66 Another Five Nights - J.T. Machinima

This is my favorite FNaF JT song, this and you belong here.

67 Welcome Back - Tryhardninja V 1 Comment
68 Game Over (Y.G.I.O.) - Miatriss
69 Fnaf 2 Rap
70 Stay Away from Me

This song is way to awesome to be this low! 0_0

V 2 Comments
71 Llaalala Freddy V 1 Comment
72 The Foxy Song V 3 Comments
73 Run Run

its amzing - GingersplashPlays

74 Halloween at Freddy's

Once again this should be in the top ten and once again tryhardninja doesn't get the credit he deserves

Love this song. It's so well made!



V 1 Comment
75 This is the End - Natewantstobattle

This song makes me have to poop really bad

I know this song long time ago

76 Too Far

I liked the instrumental better. The voice was a little hard to take, but it grew on me. - LeiaSkywalker

77 March Onwards to the Nightmare

This song is amazing!

DAgames is definitely my favourite fnaf musical artist. This song, though not very popular, is amazing.

You guys should totally check it out and who knows it might become your favourite too.

78 Back Again Fnaf V 1 Comment
79 Dear Brother
80 Suicide Didn't Work - Miatriss
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