Best The Flaming Lips Songs

The Top Ten

1 Do You Realize??
2 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
3 She Don't Use Jelly
4 The W.A.N.D.
5 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 2
6 Race for the Prize
7 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
8 Jets (Cupid's Kiss vs. The Psyche of Death)
9 Fight Test
10 Waitin' for a Superman

The Contenders

11 Assassination of the Sun
12 Suddenly Everything Has Changed
13 They Punctured My Yolk
14 In the Morning of the Magicians
15 The Gash
16 The Sound of Failure
17 Mr. Ambulance Driver
18 My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life As Blazing Shield of Defiance and Optimism As Celestial Spear of Action)
19 Slow Nerve Action
20 When You Smile
21 Placebo Headwound
22 Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Great bassline and beautiful lyrics. Without doubt deserves to be on the list

23 Sleeping on the Roof
24 You Lust
25 The Spark that Bled
26 One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21
27 Up Above the Daily Hum
28 If I Go Mad (Funeral In My Head)
29 The Observer
30 Turn It On
31 Talkin' 'bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants to Live Forever)
32 Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
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