Top Ten Flashing Forward Characters


The Top Ten

1 Amazonite

A strange girl - Lapis525

2 Trent Rose

A strange boy that cares too much about a strange girl - Lapis525

3 Random Boy

A boy with a coin - Lapis525

4 Spirit

In the background, it seems that Amazonite is always followed by a spirit - Lapis525

5 Shadow

A glitched shadow that wanted Amazonite to meet the boy with the coin - Lapis525

6 Avery

Amazonite's rude older brother - Lapis525

7 Dead Girl

A dead girl who dies in a car crash when Amazonite first came to the school in chapter 2 - Lapis525

8 Bird 1

Bird in the background when school goes out in chapter 1 - Lapis525

9 Bird 2

The bird Amazonite attacked - Lapis525

10 Dead Girl's Spirit

After the girl died in the car crash, Amazonite has one more spirit following her - Lapis525

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