Top Ten Flashpoint Episodes

The top ten flashpoint episodes I found to be the best. Feel free to vote or add an episode!

The Top Ten

1 Attention Shoppers

Jules was a hero in this episode. The ending was a real nail biter. - krispy

2 Keep The Peace 1/2

Although Donna's death was really sad, they definitely ended the series on a good note. Best series finale I've seen in a while. - krispy

3 Scorpio

Great pilot. It made sure the show was going to go on the air, and they really put some good effort in this episode. - krispy

4 One Wrong Move

Probably the most sad episode in the show, it jerked tears out of viewers everywhere. RIP LOU. - krispy

5 The Fortress

Great plot, nail-biting ending, and everything you want in a flashpoint episode. - krispy

6 Day Game

You have to feel bad for gill. He just wanted to make a difference. But this episode kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. - krispy

7 Follow The Leader'

This episode is good but in an indescribable way. Just kept my attention really well. - krispy

8 The Element Of Surprise

Good episode. Watch it over and over again. - krispy

9 Backwards Day

One of the more sympathetic episodes, this is one of the most solid episodes in the series. - krispy

10 Team Player

Seeing the sacrifices Charlie made for his teamates is really heart-warming and makes it a good episode. - krispy

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