Top Ten Best Flavors of Dum Dums


The Top Ten

1 Sour Apple
2 Cherry

I love cherry-flavored... Anything! Ironically, I'm not huge on actual cherries! - keycha1n

3 Root Beer

I disagree. Root Beer is nasty! Why is this #1?!

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4 Fruit Punch

I used to really like cherry, and fruit punch is similar just sweeter and with a little bit more flavor.

Not my favorite, but still pretty good. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Blue Raseberry

Yum - YummyPie

So good... very tangy and sweet. this has to be the best flavor.

Blue raspberry is the most tasty flavor ever
blueberry is a rip-offof it
and root beer tastes like manure

6 Cotton Candy

I'll put cotton candy number 1

It's the best

7 Grape


8 Blueberry

Better than Root beer. Yuck!

9 Green Apple
10 Watermelon

The Contenders

11 Strawberry
12 Butterscotch
13 Cream Soda
14 Chocolate
15 Bubblegum
16 Raspberry Lemonade

At least I think that's how to spell it

17 Lemon-Lime
18 Peach

It is not my favorite but its good

19 Smores
20 Orange
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1. Cotton Candy
2. Cherry
3. Fruit Punch
1. Fruit Punch
2. Sour Apple
3. Watermelon
1. Cotton Candy
2. Sour Apple
3. Root Beer

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