Top Ten Flavors of Powerade

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1 Mountain Berry Blast

Best flavor ever. If you haven't tried this flavor, than your a crazy person.

2 Orange

Love orange its amazing

I think it's orangey.

Tastes the best

3 Lemon Lime

Best flavor ever! If Grape or Mountain Berry Blast is your favorite flavor, shame on you! They taste like medicine! While this one is the bomb!

Best one by far. Whoever says otherwise doesn't drink Powerade at all.

I don't know about this one...

4 White Cherry

I had 2 sips of white cherry and though I was gonna puke. Most disgusting flavor of all time.

Not sweet like any other sports drink, actually doesn't taste like straight sugar.

Love this flavor and it is one of my favorites. Not too sweet and keeps you hydrated.

Hell yeah totally the best definitely the best flavor in my book.

5 Fruit Punch

The worst flavour Powerade by a landslide. Literally taste like cherry NyQuil

The best I've been drinking it for camp every day for about a week

Fruit punch is amazing it makes your taste buds burst with joy

6 Grape

Grape is very good

7 Strawberry Lemonade

I think pink is the best

8 Melon

Melon is so good it's my favorite! Pretty much the only flavor I get now.

YES! used to be called Green Squall, the taste of my childhood years at the community pool.

This is the only flavor my family drinks.

Melon is the best!
Love, love, love!

9 Sour Melon
10 Tropical Mango
The Contenders
11 Mystic Mountain Blueberry
12 Twisted Blackberry

Out of all the flavors that I listed the Twisted Blackberry is the best I have found. the Stater Brothers in Mojave California does't carry it any more is there some one that I can talk to about getting them to carry it again.

Twisted Blackberry is by far the best flavor ever!

Nice smooth taste.

13 Mixed Berry
14 Orange Tangerine
15 Citrus PassionFruit

Best taste hands down

16 Blue Raspberry Cherry

Where can you buy it?

The best flavor

17 Watermelon Strawberry

This is an awesome flavor, and very refreshing in the summer. Don't care for the lemonade pucker factor.

Love the strawberry watermelon flavor absolutely number 1 in my books.

18 Zero Fruit Punch
19 Zero Lemon Lime
20 Zero Grape
21 Zero Orange

Almost like eating a fresh orange. Lemon lime is the worst. Not what lemon lime should taste like at all.

22 Zero Mixed Berry
23 Berry Ice
24 Zero Strawberry
25 Mango Apple
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