Top Ten Flavors of Powerade


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1 Mountain Berry Blast

Bets Flavour In My Opinion It's The Best When It Is New Not Old


Best flavor ever. If you haven't tried this flavor, than your a crazy person. - ethan.holleran.5

Nasty not better than strawberry lemonade

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2 Orange

Tastes the best

Love orange its amazing

3 Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime Is Awful It Is Horrible

Yum, it's the best. Grape sucks! It tastes like medience. Lemon Lime is delicious! :D

Best flavor ever! If Grape or Mountain Berry Blast is your favorite flavor, shame on you! They taste like medicine! While this one is the bomb!

4 White Cherry

I get this flavor every time they have it in stock

Best flavor ever I have been drinking this for years and still drinking it - rowdyfan0629

Not sweet like any other sports drink, actually doesn't taste like straight sugar.

Best Ever

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5 Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is amazing it makes your taste buds burst with joy

Chris Iverson says fruit punch I drank 3 bottles in 3 days try it

Only flavor I've tried but much better than Gatorsde

Fruit Punch Is awesome! Here's My Top 5:
1. Fruit Punch
2. Strawberry Lemonade
3. Grape
4. Orange
5. Mountain Berry

6 Grape

Grape is very good


7 Strawberry Lemonade

Dope as heck

Awesome. Sour, Strawberry, And Refreshing

I think pink is the best

This Is Really Good. It Is Strawberry Flavor With A Sour Lemonade Blast. My Top 7 (I Haven't Tried Sour Melon)
1. Strawberry Lemonade
2. Orange
3. Fruit Punch
4, Grape
5. Mountain Berry
6. White Cherry
7. Lemon-Lime

8 Melon

This is the only flavor my family drinks.

Melon is the best!
Love, love, love!

YES! used to be called Green Squall, the taste of my childhood years at the community pool.

9 Sour Melon

Chris Iverson says sour melon is my best kind

10 Mystic Mountain Blueberry

The Newcomers

? Mango Apple

The Contenders

11 Tropical Mango


12 Twisted Blackberry

Nice smooth taste.

Best flavor ever, and always refreshing

13 Mixed Berry

#1 by far

so good

14 Citrus PassionFruit

Best taste hands down

15 Orange Tangerine
16 Zero Fruit Punch
17 Blue Raspberry Cherry

The best flavor

18 Zero Mixed Berry
19 Zero Orange

Almost like eating a fresh orange. Lemon lime is the worst. Not what lemon lime should taste like at all.

20 Zero Lemon Lime
21 Zero Grape
22 Zero Strawberry
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1. Mountain Berry Blast
2. Melon
3. Strawberry Lemonade
1. Mountain Berry Blast
2. Melon
3. Lemon Lime
1. Fruit Punch
2. Mountain Berry Blast
3. Orange

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