Top Ten Flavors of Red Rock Deli Chips

This is a list of the best flavors of chips that Red Rock Deli has ever made. I know it might be hard, because they're all so good ;), but I want to know.

The Top Ten

1 Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar

A twist on the classic salt and vinegar flavor, this version by red rock deli is a thousand times better! I'd eat them all day if I could! - HappyGarrett

2 Honey Soy Chicken

A perfect balance of sweet and savory, not too much salt. They seem to have revamped this flavor recently and I really like that. - HappyGarrett

3 Grilled Chorizo and Caramalised Onion

I love anything spicy but I also love onion, and this chip is just a perfect combination of both! - HappyGarrett

4 Fire Roasted Chilli and Sea Salt

As I said previously I LOVE anything spicy and these chips have a real kick to them although the flavor is a bit one sided. - HappyGarrett

5 Sea Salt

A real classic, but, as with all Red Rock Deli chips they are wonderfully crunchy. These aren't too salty either, unlike some of the cheaper brands. - HappyGarrett

6 Dijon Mustard and Honey

A nice chip that has a lovely sweet flavor. - HappyGarrett

7 Fire Roasted Chilli and Lime Corn Chips

Another wonderful spicy chip but I prefer potato chips to corn chips. - HappyGarrett

8 Sweet Chili and Sour Cream
9 Trio of Cheeses Corn Chips

Deliciously cheesy, almost as good as the real thing. - HappyGarrett

10 Sea Salt Corn Chips

These are nice chips. - HappyGarrett

The Contenders

11 Lime and Black Pepper

These are a nice tangy flavoured chip but the black pepper is a bit weird. - HappyGarrett

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