Top Ten Flavors of Red Rock Deli Chips

This is a list of the best flavors of chips that Red Rock Deli has ever made. I know it might be hard, because they're all so good ;), but I want to know.
The Top Ten
1 Honey Soy Chicken

It's the best flavour ever!

It's just so good!

A perfect balance of sweet and savory, not too much salt. They seem to have revamped this flavor recently and I really like that. - HappyGarrett

2 Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar

This is the best flavor in thw rld eat packet ever week


A twist on the classic salt and vinegar flavor, this version by red rock deli is a thousand times better! I'd eat them all day if I could! - HappyGarrett

Da best

3 Fire Roasted Chilli and Sea Salt

As I said previously I LOVE anything spicy and these chips have a real kick to them although the flavor is a bit one sided. - HappyGarrett

4 Sweet Chili and Sour Cream

The only chips I never get sick of eating.

The best flavour by far!


5 Dijon Mustard and Honey

A nice chip that has a lovely sweet flavor. - HappyGarrett

6 Grilled Chorizo and Caramalised Onion

The absolute best of the best - I really really wish Red Rock would do it again. Just before they discontinued the flavour I went out and bought as many as I could find (managed about 45 packets), but alas, they did not last.


This has to be the nicest chips I have ever eaten. 6 stars!

So good

I love anything spicy but I also love onion, and this chip is just a perfect combination of both! - HappyGarrett

7 Trio of Cheeses Corn Chips

Deliciously cheesy, almost as good as the real thing. - HappyGarrett

8 Sea Salt

A real classic, but, as with all Red Rock Deli chips they are wonderfully crunchy. These aren't too salty either, unlike some of the cheaper brands. - HappyGarrett

9 Fire Roasted Chilli and Lime Corn Chips

Another wonderful spicy chip but I prefer potato chips to corn chips. - HappyGarrett

10 Lime and Black Pepper

These are a nice tangy flavoured chip but the black pepper is a bit weird. - HappyGarrett

The Contenders
11 Sea Salt Corn Chips

These are nice chips. - HappyGarrett

12 Champagne Vinaigrette and Shallot

A delightful salt and vinegar combo. The vinaigrette is not quite as sharp as other vinegars, so it doesn't feel as if your younger and lips are going to crack and fall off your face by the end of the bag. The caramelised shallots add a hint of sweetness, along with their savoury note. If I could only have one flavour of chips got the rest of my would be these!

sounds delicious, I've never even had Red Rock chips though!

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