Best Flaw Songs

Flaw is a nu metal quintet from Kentucky. Recently their original lineup is back together again.

The Top Ten Best Flaw Songs

1 Payback

Clean verses followed by heavy chorus, with "in your face" style lyrics. This is perhaps the most known of Flaw's songs. - NuMetalManiak

Can someone say "Tool? " - AngryByrd

Definitely Flaw's best song!
It's insanely badass and the vocals are awesome! - UltimateHybridX

2 Whole

Easily one of the most criminally underrated songs ever. It's a shame how such emotional songs like this constantly get overshadowed by other music that doesn't even touch the emotional content of this song. - AngryByrd

This song is about the suicide of Chris Volz' mother. - NuMetalManiak

3 Recognize

This song has my favorite chorus of any Flaw song, and that's quite an achievement if you ask me. Keep in mind this is the same band that made Whole and All The Worst. I really didn't think they could do much better than that at first, but somehow, they did it. - AngryByrd

Main single off of the Endangered Species album. - NuMetalManiak

4 My Letter
5 Wipe Away the Dust
6 Medicate

First song I listened to, and quite a heavy one. - NuMetalManiak

7 Get Up Again
8 Reliance
9 Bleed Red

Album version of this song is so great. - NuMetalManiak

10 Scheme

The Contenders

11 Out of Whack
12 Amendment

Heavy verses, soft chorus, and a very hypnotic and awesome bridge before becoming heavy again. One of my all-time favorites. - NuMetalManiak

13 Inner Strength
14 Only the Strong

So sick how is this not higher?

15 Best I Am

This song is awesome why is it so low on this list it should at least be in the to 15 like come'on

Solid music

Best song,

16 All the Worst

Really? 18th place? I know this is a pretty obscure song, even for Flaw, but come on! Has nobody heard the chorus? amazing! - AngryByrd

17 World's Divide
18 Final Cry
19 Do You Remember
20 You've Changed
21 When You Grieve...
22 What I Have to Do

I can relate heavily to this song. - NuMetalManiak

23 Fed Up

NEW FLAW 2016! Awesome,welcome back,badass gentlemen! - UltimateHybridX

24 Turn the Tables
25 Decide
26 Endangered Species
27 Many Faces
28 Wait for Me
29 Live and Breathe
30 Heal
31 Fatal Fall
32 Choices
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