Top Ten Flaws Animes Have

WTF is this anime shit, get it off the screen. Let's say I'm not a big anime fan, like at all. I don't hate anime as a whole (with a few exceptions of course), but anime does have it's weaknesses.

The Top Ten

1 Annoyance

Anime can be really annoying to me. From the high pitched ear piercing female characters, to the facial expressions, to the loud noises taken as "jokes", yeah many animes tend to annoy me. - poopmckenzie

2 Fanservice

It just is not for me

Fanservice can destroy an anime by making it more confusing, blander, and destroy character development. One of the reasons why I hate Fairy Tail. - poopmckenzie

3 Filler
4 Confusing Story

I admit, anime has good stories, but when it adds too many characters/gives too much development, or uses filler, or fanservice, Then the anime can get affected by seasonal rot or give the anime so many plotholes it would become to confusing to watch. - poopmckenzie

5 Cliches

Cliches in anime can range from cancer to not even trying. - poopmckenzie

The same steretypical protagniat staring out the window same women tsundere and other deres. Just stereotypical.

6 Bad Artstyle

I hate how many animes look. I'm not a fan of big eyes spaced apart. - poopmckenzie

7 Too Many Episodes

Another thing that can make an anime go downhill, especially when it's filler episodes. The anime can get boring to watch. - poopmckenzie

8 The Anime Community
9 Weirdness

I don't care if it's supposed to be weird, something like way-to-big breasts still can be uncomfortable. - poopmckenzie

10 Cheap Animation

Anime visually can look very beautiful, but movement wise, at worst it's unwatchable choppy garbage. Like it's really inconsistent with the fps, and it can be so lazy that the characters don't even move a single organ when they walk, not even the legs. Of course, not all anime is like that but still. - poopmckenzie

The Contenders

11 "English" and Horrible Subtitles

From: I'll get you little brat!
To: I'll fix poo little brat!

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