Top 10 Flaws Teen Girls Have

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1 Wearing too much make-up

I'm a 16 year old girl and I hate makeup. - Ihateschool

I love makeup! I wish I had the confidence to go to school in crazy makeup and red lips, one can only imagine me on Halloween! Its literally nothing about my self-esteem, I just like doing makeup, perhaps its something about being artistic. - keycha1n

A girl don't need makeup to be pretty and I don't see why so many girls wear makeup at something so trivial as school. It becomes an obsession - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

It annoys me, as it's the ugly ones who think everyone thinks they are pretty and every boy finds them attractive - gemcloben

2 Starting drama

I don't start drama - Ihateschool

I can't believe I am making the transition to a teenager next year. I do not wish to cope with all the overreacted emotional mood swings.

I hate it when they start drama. - cosmo

3 Saying "OMG"

That is like my catch phrase.

I say it a lot. But not in person. Only when I text. - cosmo

That is a text thing, stop saying it in person. - Sillykitty

I'm fine with "Oh my god", but not "".

4 Being promiscuous
5 Getting pregnant

I am not getting pregnant until I am a married adult - Ihateschool

You r still a kid... - Sillykitty

6 Having addictions

The only addiction I have is technology - Ihateschool

But doesn't everyone have an addiction to something. - cosmo

This is what can truly mess up your life forever-or end it-that is (I'm just going to assume this is about drugs). - keycha1n

7 Falling in love with every boy

I have only had 3 crushes one of which is my first love who I am in a relationship with in my life that aren't celebrities. However this is true about me for celebrities. I have a long list of celeb crushes. - Ihateschool

Only one can have your heart - Sillykitty

Talk about the girls at school... - cosmo

Most of my school right there. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 Spending too much time on their phones

Guys do it too - Ihateschool

Don't know why half of these have to be gender exclusive... - keycha1n

Put it down once in a while - Sillykitty

This is a big problem with tennage girls AND boys these days. - Turkeyasylum

9 Not thinking they are good enough
10 Cheating

I would never cheating my boyfriend - Ihateschool

On their boyfriends! LOL

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11 Lying

You never told one lie? I'll admit, I am astonishingly bad at lying, but I do lie! - keycha1n

I lie sometimes, and teenage guys do too. - Minecraftcrazy530

I can't believe I lie sometimes. - cosmo

You all need to stop, Sillykitty made this list to show that typically females are the one who do this the most. I am sure she is interested in feminism, I don't know why you have to put comments to make it seem as if she is only saying these things about girls even though the title says so. I know her, she only made this list out of creativity and such and now she can't even log in to defend herself so just stop *BODYGUARD MODE* - xxSillyxx

12 Getting scared easily

That's not big of a problem... - cosmo

13 Being whiny

Do they have to whine over everything? - cosmo

14 Friendzoning

You don't have to date some one if you don't like them - Ihateschool

15 Being spoiled brats

Look at those "sweet sixteen" videos on YouTube or wherever and it could show how much of spoiled brats some of them could be. I feel very bad for their parents that they have to undergo this nonsense. - dingodile2603

16 Sassy
17 Acting bossy
18 Bullying

Girls now days thinks it funny to bully another people

19 Lack of confidence

This is true about me because I have anxiety and depression. (Yes I was diagnosed by a doctor) - Ihateschool

Most girls loose their confidence when someone comments about their physical appearance

20 Over emotional

Which is not nessicerily a bad thing it is just a thing most teens deal with

21 Being insecure
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