Fixing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! TheMovieFix #1

I've started a new series where I go through movies I rated lower than a 5/10 on a scale and give my thoughts on how it could have been at least a good movie, or even a masterpiece, by giving suggestions on how to make it better! Essentially fixing movies. This first one may be a bit unorganized and hectic, because I need to get used to this soon enough.

Anyway today I will be "fixing" Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the superhero movie I thought was the worst last year.
There is so much wrong with this movie! But I do genuinely think this movie could have been at least good, or the fantastic movie battle fans have been waiting years for! Here's how that could have been achieved:

1. Make either Batman or Superman at least somewhat actually win and make the battle longer.
We all were expecting this to be an epic battle between Batman and Superman, but instead we got 8 minutes of ok action and one of the worst scenes in a superhero movie I've seen in a while! This could have been awesome! What if this whole movie was an ongoing battle between Batman and Superman, where the problem that makes them fight is presented in this first act of the movie. Then we could see more actual battles in the movie than just the characters moping around. And by the end, one of them wins! Now this doesn't mean one of them must die. If we were having a scene where they compromise, anything could be better than the whole "Martha" scene. If this happened, there would be no need for Lex Luthor or Doomsday or Wonder Woman being shoe horned in for no reason. Instead we could be treated to a movie with on going small fight scenes between the two characters based on an actually simple and coherent conflict that's presented in the beginning, and just have an awesome stand off between them at the end that lasts way longer than 8 minutes. Just because I want that fight to be longer, doesn't mean I want the movie longer, that leads into number 2.

2. Make it a shorter and more action filled movie.
This movie is way too long. I was so incredibly bored during most of this movie. I don't mind long movies, but part of this movie's problem is that it barely makes sense, and we barely get any ACTUAL fighting for the whole movie, and when there is, there is barely anything. This movie has proven to me that it can make cool fight scenes like the ware house scene, so why is there not much of it, they could have easily done that, instead of boring sub plots! Following what I said with number one, the way I would describe it, this movie could be 2 hours or less, and it wouldn't really bore anyone! We don't need all these extra sub plots about journalism or superman moping around and being edgy because "nobody appreciates or likes him", because all that crap is really boring! This movie should be more epic, and a story makeover would be perfect!

3. Hire a new special effects team.
The CGI in DC movies tends to be awful! Doomsday looked horrible and so did the green screen. This problem is present in the more recent "Wonder Woman" and "The Justice League" (which I saw just yesterday at the time writing this). They don't necessarily need to be replaced, they just need to realize that some of the products look awful, and I would suggest they at least put a bit more effort into the product!

4. Better casting choices.
Some of the side characters are not very good, and Henry Cavill and Amy Adams were incredibly boring. This doesn't mean it's all their fault, but when you are making a movie about superheroes, you would want your characters to have some life into them, and the villains be somewhat more threatening. To fix this they could have told Henry Cavill to lighten up as Superman and to not act so edgy and mopy. I just felt bored. But that is nearly not as bad as Jesse Eisenburg as frickin LEX LUTHOR! Seriously, so many other actors could have been a better Lex than Jesse Eisenburg. He's like a frickin over the top freak, the opposite of the serious Lex Luthor. It's ironic because I wanted Superman to be less boring, but not to the point of Jesse's incredibly cringe worthy performance as Lex! This could have easily been fixed by a different casting choice. Can't really name someone specific that should have been Lex Luthor, but this could have been such an easy fix!

Overall, if the team working on this movie had done these things, I would probably have this as one of my favorites of 2016, instead of one of my least! Of course these fixes aren't that easy to achieve perfectly, it would have been possible if the team behind it looked more into the product. Anyway, thanks for reading my first post in what I hope to turn into a full post series! I might do another 2016 movie next known as "Sing", because I have talked about my distaste extensively, so I could talk about how it could have been good! Bye.


Oh I also forgot to mention, this was totally inspired by r/fixingmovies on Reddit, I might upload these analyses to there. - Phillip873