Best Fleshgod Apocalypse Songs

Fleshgod Apocalypse is a symphonic death metal band from Italia... they will metal up your ass m/... Vote for their best songs here!

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1 The Violation

Such a great song, it showcases perfectly what my favorite Death Metal band can do

Masterpiece! You'll love this song at the first hearing

Francesco Paoli (drummer) blew my mind, comparable to George Kollias of Nile. The song is great and I even put it on the list "Most underrated metal songs of the 21st century". This band needs more attention. - Metal_Treasure

The drumming is disgustingly fast - kempokid

2 The Egoism

Their best track for me! - nooreldeen

3 The Hypocrisy
4 Elegy

Labyrinth = Perfection

5 Minotaur (The Wrath of Poseidon)
6 The Forsaking
7 The Betrayal
8 Kingborn
9 The Deceit
10 The Fool


The Contenders

11 As Tyrants Fall
12 Towards the Sun
13 Embodied Deception
14 Temptation

An awesome symphonic Instrumental! - nooreldeen

15 Pathfinder
16 The Imposition
17 Epilogue
18 Warpledge
19 Heartwork
20 Under Black Sails
21 Gravity
22 Conspiracy of Silence
23 In Aeternum
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1. Kingborn
2. The Violation
3. The Betrayal
1. The Egoism
2. The Hypocrisy
3. The Violation
1. The Violation
2. The Egoism
3. Pathfinder

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