Top 10 Florence + the Machine Songs to Cry To

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1 St. Jude

Not many songs have brought me to tears, and this one has. more than once I have broke down whilst listening to this masterpiece

-'And I'm learning so I'm leaving and even though I'm grieving, I'm trying to find a meaning. Let lost revealing.'
-'Maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos.'
-'I couldn't keep my mouth shut, I just had to mention, grabbing your attention.'

2 Various Storms and Saints

The newest album is very depressing. Most of the songs make me cry.

-'Somethings you let go in order to live.'
-'People just untie themselves, uncurling lifelines.'
-'If you could just forgive yourself.'

3 Never Let Me Go

-'A thousand miles down to the seabed, found a place to rest my head.'
-'And the crashes are Heaven for a sinner like me.'
-'I'm not giving up, I'm just giving in.'

4 Long & Lost

'I need the clouds to cover me, pulling them down, surround me. Without your love, I'll be So long and lost, are you missing me? '

-'Is it too late to come on home? '
-'Can the city forgive? I hear its sad song.'
-'I figured out where I belong but it's too late to come on home.'

5 Breaking Down
6 Over the Love
7 No Light, No Light

-'I never knew daylight could be so violent.'
-'I was disappearing in plain sight.'

8 Queen of Peace

-'And my love is no good against the fortress that it made of you.'
-'Suddenly I'm overcome, dissolving like the setting sun, like a boat into oblivion, but you're driving me away.'
-'Come on, is this what you want? '

9 Caught

-'It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, to try and keep from calling you.'
-'And I'm caught, I forget all that I've been taught.'

10 Cosmic Love

The Contenders

11 Blinding
12 Shake It Out

"And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back,"
"Regrets collect like old friends, here to relive your darkest moments,"

If that's not deep and powerful then I don't know what is

13 Leave My Body

-'I'm gonna leave my body.'
-'History keeps pulling me down.'

14 What the Water Gave Me

-'So lay me down...'
-'Take what the water gave me.'
-'Cause they took your loved ones...'

15 Ship to Wreck

-'I can't help but pull the Earth around me to make my bed.'
-'Good God, under starless skies, we are lost, and into the breach, we got tossed. And the water's coming in fast.'
-'Did I drink too much? Am I losing touch? Did I build this ship to wreck? '

16 Seven Devils
17 Bird Song

An incredibly emotional a cry for help.

18 South London Forever
19 Hunger
20 Dog Days are Over
21 June
22 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
23 Kiss with a Fist
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