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1 Colors

Seriously? It's Flow, it's the Code Geass OP, it's awesome. Also, Jibun Woo...

2 Sign

I think it should me no one. Its Naruto, s

3 Go!!!

I feel in love with the song the first time I heard it. I listened to other songs of Flow but Go! For me is still the best.

4 World End
5 Re:Member
6 Answer
7 Hey!!!
8 Days

This is just amazing + a bonus rap!

It's the Eureka Seven OP

Definitely their best. You simply get sweeped away - BeeBlue

9 On My Way
10 Toy Machine

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11 Atmosphere
12 Word of the Voice
13 Celebration
14 Calling
15 Melody

So calming. Such great lyrics as well-
We got the music
Don't worry anymore
We got the music
We'll be together
I sing a song for you, you sing a song for me with all our melody

The guitar in there is crazy-cool! Classic rock. I can say much more than this, though.
One of their best songs yet.

16 Summer Freak

Classic rock, never gets old. One of there best.

17 Steppin' Out
18 Life is Beautiful
19 Anthem
20 Ai Ai Ai Ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye
21 Hikari
22 To-O-Ku-E
23 Garden
24 Change Up!!!
25 Stay Gold
26 Good Days -kimi Wo Wasurenai-
27 Freedom
28 Brand New Day
29 Loveā˜†Sera
30 Tokonatsu Endless
31 Black Market
32 Decathlon
33 Butterfly
34 Gakuen Tengoku
35 Ambience
36 Red Hot Riot
37 Kimi Jishin Band
38 Rookie
39 Realize
40 Soul Red
41 Rock Climbers
42 Dear
43 Ryuusei
44 Blaster
45 Tsubaki
46 Enemy
47 Everything All Right
48 Monster
49 Planet Walk
50 Okuru Kotoba
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