Top Ten Flying Colors Songs

Flying Colors are a supergroup, who are not just of technically-proficient musicians, but also amazing songwriters.

The Top Ten

1 Forever In a Daze

One of their most catchy songs, its distinctive guitar and bass riff will instantly hook you! - petrucci75hammet

2 Infinite Fire

12 minute epic from their debut self-titled album, this is a prog-rock masterpiece and does not once get dull - petrucci75hammet

3 Lost Without You

From their new album "Second Nature", this is yet another catchy Flying Colors song with a glorious piano riff, as well as amazing vocal harmonising - petrucci75hammet

4 Kayla

After opening with a Medieval-inspired acoustic riff, this is an awesome rock ballad! - petrucci75hammet

5 A Place In Your World

This has a cool keyboard riff in the intro, which evolves into prog/hard rock song, with very memorable vocal harmonies in the verse and chorus - petrucci75hammet

6 The Storm

Perfect rock anthem, with its great guitar riff and epic chorus! - petrucci75hammet

7 Cosmic Symphony

Delicate opening keyboard riff, this is a more subtle composition than "Infinite Fire", but is no less epic - petrucci75hammet

8 Blue Ocean

Here Dave LaRue shines in the debut album's opener, with the song's distinct bass riff and the gradual build-up into the driving chorus - petrucci75hammet

9 Mask Machine

The first music video released for "Second Nature", this brings out the best in all members, with some nice drum fills from Mike Portnoy in the middle and end sections - petrucci75hammet

10 Peaceful Harbor

The Contenders

11 One Love Forever

Another medieval-sounding song, this showcases Steve Morse's impressive compositional and guitar skills - petrucci75hammet

12 The Fury of My Love
13 Everything Changes
14 Open up Your Eyes
15 Bombs Away
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