Top Ten FOB Summaries for Psychological Thriller Novels

FOB (front of book) summary is usually one or two short, sharp, straight-to-the-point lines to, in addition with the title, "advertise" the nature of the novel. Its purpose is to reach out to a potential reader and entice him/her to buy. A FOB summary has to make your pupils dilate and your palms become sweaty in anticipation for what the rest of the book has in store. It can make or break the decision to buy, so it has to capture the imagination.
A good FOB summary example is Stephen King's Misery: "Paul Sheldon used to write for a living, now he's writing to stay alive"
Some items listed are penned myself and some are what I've already seen on novels.
Feel free to let your imagination create your own FOB summary, add any which you've seen and liked or vote for an existing item.

The Top Ten

1 He watches. He waits. He makes his move...

Good list Britgirl it has make me have a tugged feeling of tainted blood and an orb of suspension just tingling upon my conscious- Kevinsidis

2 She loves your son. She wants your life.
3 He wants a new hobby. He has you in his sights...
4 Deadly obsession is a killer

*Smokes pipe* *exhales smoke* upon it is a tainted lotus decaying and later being spilled with blood- Kevinsidis

5 Sometimes your past catches up with you and won't let you go.
6 She's your best friend. You can trust her, can't you...?
7 The perfect marriage or the perfect lie?
8 Sometimes the perfect dream can turn into a perfect nightmare
9 Is it too late when you realise there is something very wrong with Mister Right...?
10 If she can't have him, no one can

The Contenders

11 He has a secret. And he'll do anything to keep it...
12 How much could you lose in 29 seconds
13 He Cheated. He Lied. He Died.
14 Her Life is Yours for the Taking...
15 Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer...
16 She Chose the Wrong Girl to Play Games With...
17 He's Not Who You Think He Is...
18 I invited her in and she took everything.
19 Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do... This is worse.
20 She saved your life. Now she wants repayment
21 Your husband thinks your daughter's an angel. You know different.
22 Be careful what you wish for
23 You've only just met, but she already knows you so well...
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1. He watches. He waits. He makes his move...
2. She loves your son. She wants your life.
3. He wants a new hobby. He has you in his sights...


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