Best Fogg Deodorants

Best deodorants from the brand Fogg, which is India's #1 selling deo brand.

The Top Ten

1 Fresh Woody

From Fogg's Black collection, Woody has the most uncommon and likeable fragrance, in my opinion. - jimmy12lee

2 Napoleon

From the original Fogg series, this is one of the deos that set up the brand and helped make it what it is today. - jimmy12lee

3 Fresh Oriental
4 Marco
5 Royal
6 Fresh Fougere
7 Fresh Spicy
8 Fresh Aqua
9 Voyager
10 Fresh Aromatic

Some, like me and my mom, like it a lot. Others, like some reviewers on flipkart, seems to have disliked it. - jimmy12lee

The Contenders

11 Classic
12 Majestic
13 Imperial
14 Emperor
15 Extreme

(the blue one from Fantastic Four) - jimmy12lee

16 Magnetic

(the red one from Fantastic Four) - jimmy12lee

17 Dynamic

(the yellow one from Fantastic Four) - jimmy12lee

18 Absolute

(the black one from Fantastic Four) - jimmy12lee

19 Ultimate
20 Forever
21 Status
22 Adventure
23 Bleu Skies

I wonder why they spell these Bleu and not Blue? - jimmy12lee

24 Bleu Mountain
25 Bleu Ocean
26 Bleu Spring
27 Bleu Forest
28 Bleu Island
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