Top Ten Followers in Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the old republic is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Memorable points including the excellent part real time part turn-based combat, the then new bioware signature morality system, and last but certainly not least the excellent characters.

Some of the character's you could select as followers to aid you on your quest to save the galaxy. Some of them were characters you could truly share emotions with and understood their pain, and some were racist (not racist, ummmm it would be speciat I think) robots.

The Top Ten

1 HK-47

Our favorite specist robot has managed to top this list just like he has several others. Hi a homicidal sense of humor is what makes him stand out above the rest of the character's in the game. He was far from a good guy but not an ass like the other bad guys. All in all he was a unique and enjoyable character. - Cheese567

He was always a humorous character, especially during his references to "meatbags" and his mockery of Bastila & Carth. Meatbag mayhem

This guy is hilarious. Not to mention you get to see him in both KOTOR games and SWTOR. - moore770

2 Jolee Bindo

Much like HK-47, Jolee is known for his sense of humor. Although greatly unlike HK due to the fact he is not homicidal nor does he generally dislike people. He's like your crazy old grandpa except with a lightsaber. As questionably truthful and helpful as his stories can get, they sure are enjoyable. - Cheese567

3 Mission Vao

Later in the game, here's what she is: glass cannon.

Was a long time favourite party member of mine and would have been until the end if it wasn't for HK-47. She's so relatable and heroic it's sickening. You see all of her faults and truly feel bad when she is hurt. - Cheese567

4 Juhani

She can go stealth and do jump attacks. Anyone who killed her REALLY missed out. She wiped out everyone on the entire Star Forge! - lukemcnamara72

Yo she a cool cat lady, fo real fo real. - Cheese567

5 Zaalbar

I originally did not like Zaalabar. He was all like "I'm so sad" and then when you would try to talk to him he would be like "no you wouldn't understand" and I was all like "chill salad bar". This thought remained true until I landed on Salad Bars home planet and learned of his backstory and where his goth thirteen year old attitude came from.

PS: it's not autocorrect I just called him salad bar - Cheese567

6 Carth Onasi

At first I didn't like carth. He was all self righteous and didn't trust me and I was all like "okay whatevs" but then you delve into his backstory. His backstory kind of explained why he didn't trust you and made for a pretty interesting character. - Cheese567

First of all carth is a pilot bad-ass
Second after bonding with him he becomes so awesome and loyal
And after playing through kotor 2 and seeing how much he cares for reaven he became my favorite

7 Canderous

He's murderous and hardcore and I honestly never used him other then the one time you have to. I thought he was generally not that interesting. - Cheese567

8 Bastila

But she is hot though

Man Bastillas the worst. The whole first half of the game shes a complete ass and then shes all like "Do you love me? " The answer was ultimately no and I don't see that changing. - Cheese567

9 T3-M4

I don't know about this droid. I didn't really like him because he couldn't talk or fight. Could he fight? I honestly don't remember. - Cheese567

10 Trask Ulgo

I just added this dude because I needed ten. he's the tutorial followere who dies immediately. - Cheese567

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