Top Ten Food Based Puns of Beatles Songs

Credits to some of these puns go to forum. Please note that these aren't all from Beatles Bible, I made up a few. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

The Salad of John and Yoko (The Ballad of John and Yoko)

A mix of Illuminati shaped sushi and a burger that thinks he is the most tasty, juiciest burger in the world.

Quite an assortment of unique ingredients there - Billyv

John Lennon would have liked this one - jmepa1234

If John Lennon went vegetarian... - TheCuteBeatle

Jalapeño Peppers Lovely Farts Club Band (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)

*claps in approval* - TheCuteBeatle

That's amazing love that one - jmepa1234

Can't Buy Me Lunch (Can't Buy Me Love)

All the world will starve - jmepa1234

Hey Candy (Hey Bulldog)
Magical Fishtory Tour (Magical Mystery Tour)
A Day In the Kitchen (A Day In the Life)

Everyday of your life... - jmepa1234

Bake and Shout (Twist and Shout)
Baking a Bowl (Fixing a Hole)

I have a feeling the Beatles baked quite a few bowls back in the '60s. - PetSounds

Baking a bowl? Sounds like a Beatle-ish kinda stunt to try - jmepa1234

Happiness Is a Warm Bun (Happiness Is a Warm Gun)

Mmmm That sounds lovely. - Billyv

Rather different to the original track tital - jmepa1234

Peas Please Me (Please Please Me)

Peas please me oh yeah, Why do you make me blue.. - jmepa1234

The Contenders

Love Peas Do (Love Me Do)
Raviolition 9 (Revolution 9)
Tomato Never Knows (Tomorrow Never Knows)
I Eat You (I Need You)

May or may not involve cannibalism... - kaitlynrad11

Oysterday (Yesterday)
Meatloaf My Dear (Martha My Dear)
All You Need is Food (All You Need is Love)
Jello Submarine (Yellow Submarine)
Baby You’re a Rich Flan (Baby You’re a Rich Man)
Bakerys (Boys)
Pizza Man (Taxman)
Blue Cheese Way (Blue Jay Way)
Julia Jello (Julia)
Raisin (Rain)
Roll Over Bakery (Roll Over Beethoven)
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