Top Ten Food Combinations for Insomnia

Can't sleep? Try these food combinations and you'll be dreaming in no time!

The Top Ten

1 Okra/chocolate

Okra and chocolate together? Why, absolutely! The Okra contains okranyte, a sleep-enhancing enzyme. However, okranyte is not absorbed by the body unless combined with chocolate!

2 Escargot/potato chips

Ever see a wide-awake snail? Didn't think so. Ever see a wide-awake snail after it encountered a hefty dose of salt?

3 Bourbon/grits

This won't work unless the two are mixed together in a blender. Drink through a straw and you'll be sawing logs in no time. Trust me.

4 Raw hamburger/strawberry jam

Who eats raw burgers that's gross!

My granny used to make this when she had trouble sleeping.

5 Vinegar/cranberries

It'll put you to sleep and clear up your UTI, too!

6 Graham crackers/pickled beets

Can be made into a pie!

7 Venison/kimchi

The Koreans swear by it!

8 Turkey/more turkey

Okay, so not strictly a combination. But you just can't beat that tryptophan!

9 Margerine/Cheerios

Geez, sleep deprivation already contributes to weight gain! - keycha1n

Mix, mash, nosh, nap.

10 Canned pears/canned peas

If you've got nothing fresh, this combo will work like a charm!

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