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1 Pizza Pizza

10/10, everything about is it so yummy - Ananya

My favourite food so of course a 10/10.Actually no,I'll give it a 100/10.-LitSavage

2 French Fries French Fries

8/10 Delicious as heck! Especially when dipped in Ketchup! Only an 8 though they because they taste terrible when they're cold. - NikBrusk

Tastes AMAZING, but tastes awful when cold. 9/10 - FireWasp2004

3 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink. It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and is often referred to simply as Coke.
4 Chicken

10/10, one of the best foods ever! - Ananya

5 Swiss Chocolate Swiss Chocolate
6 Belgian Chocolate Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate is 10/10 for me. I could eat them every day.

7 Tacos Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.
8 Poutine Poutine Poutine is a Canadian dish, originating in the province of Quebec in the late 1950s, made with French fries and cheese curds topped with light brown gravy . Poutine is the most popular dish in Quebec. It's also found across Canada and in some places in the northern United States. Poutine has many variations more.
9 Bacon Cheeseburger
10 Bacon Poutine

The Newcomers

? Potato Croquettes Potato Croquettes
? Mashed Potatoes Mashed Potatoes

The Contenders

11 Bacon Bacon
12 Cappuccino Cappuccino
13 Monster Energy
14 Chocolate Milk
15 Greek Salad Greek Salad
16 Steak Steak
17 Sushi Sushi
18 Cheeseburgers
19 Red Bull Red Bull
20 Sausage Sausage
21 Apple Juice Apple Juice
22 Bagel Bagel
23 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper
24 Kobe Beef Kobe Beef Kobe Beef comes from Japan and is so tender and fatty that rivals foie gras in texture. The cow is fed on beer and grain (Japanese breed of black cow). Kobe Beef can cost up to $300 per pound.
25 Carrot Carrot

Tastes pretty good, but I only like it if it's sliced thinly. 7/10 - FireWasp2004

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26 Croissant Croissant
27 Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon Rolls
28 Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.
29 German Beer German Beer
30 Czech Beer Czech Beer
31 Salmon Salmon
32 French Cognac French Cognac
33 Chinese Rice Chinese Rice
34 Beer Beer
35 Wine Wine
36 Lasagna Lasagna
37 Orange Juice Orange Juice

Can taste sweet, but often very sour. I dislike sour things. 7/10 - FireWasp2004

38 Tea‎ Tea‎

I don't find it 'good ' in taste or anything like that, Something not for me I guess... - Ananya

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39 Baby Back Ribs
40 Mountain Dew
41 Fugu Fugu Fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish and is also a Japanese dish prepared from the meat of pufferfish. Pufferfish are deadly and if the fish is prepared incorrectly it can lead to death (in fact there are numerous deaths reported in Japan each year from the consumption of this delicacy). One pinhead more.
42 Bell Peppers
43 Pasta Pasta

Wow...I love pasta, Especially the lovely PENNE PASTA!...One of the most amazing foods ever. - Ananya

44 Cheesecake Cheesecake
45 French Toast French Toast
46 Ham
47 Montreal Steak Montreal Steak
48 Smoked Salmon Smoked Salmon
49 Smoked Meat Smoked Meat
50 Breakfast Sausage Breakfast Sausage
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