Top 10 Food “Would You Rather” Questions

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1 Be romantically in love with watermelons or give up eating watermelon forever?

Give it up, it makes me want to puke. - Luckys

Be romantically in love with them. Then I'd weep every time I slice one up and eat it, but that's still worthwhile. - Entranced98

Give it up. Barely even eat melons anyways. - mattstat716

I'm more into the drink than the food itself so... sure give it up. - htoutlaws2012

2 Give up pizza forever or give up French fries forever?

Give up pizza, fries 4eva - Luckys

French fries, sadly. - Zach808

Fries. Hands off my pizza! - Entranced98

French fries! - Sugarcubecorner

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3 Give up cheese forever or give up chips forever?

Give up Chips. - Luckys

Cheese forever, chips never die out what as with Diary can catch to people eventually. - htoutlaws2012

Chips. Sorry, I need cheeseburgers, pizza, hotdogs with cheese, etc in my life. - mattstat716

Probably chips. There's cheese in so many things. - Zach808

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4 Never have a single bit of chocolate cake or never have an ice cream cone?

Never have an ice cream cone. - Luckys

Better question a lick of chocolate cake, or just a Ice cream less cone to eat outta. Let's go with the cone on that one. - htoutlaws2012

Chocolate cake, never really been a fan of chocolate - PackFan2005

Never have an ice cream cone. I could still eat the ice cream from a bowl. - Entranced98

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5 Never have cookies ever again or never have pastries ever again?

Never have pastries. - Luckys

I definitely want the pastries... nom.

Well seeing that I get pastries once in a great blue moon never really have it much anyway. - htoutlaws2012

Never have pastries, Cookies 🍪 are better - ArcticWolf

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6 Give up chicken or steak?

U no touch my steak and chicken - BlazingParasol

I can't even think about at all. - Ananya

Steak, I guess? - mattstat716

Give up Steak - htoutlaws2012

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7 Give up all chocolate or give up all candy but chocolate?

Give up chocolate. - Luckys

The sweet tooth process of elimination in favor of Candy. - htoutlaws2012

Candies..I just love chocolate! - Ananya

Chocolate - PackFan2005

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8 Never be able to add salt to anything or never be able to add sugar to anything?

Never be able to add salt to anything (my poor fries ;( - Luckys

Don't add salt because its worst on everything minus french fries heart attack city. - htoutlaws2012

I choose pepper. - mattstat716

9 Give up sweet treats or spicy foods?

Give up sweet treats. - Luckys

Spicy! I hate spicy! - ArcticWolf

I can live by removing Spicy food from my daily habits. - htoutlaws2012

Sweet treats...I don't think I'll give up savoury or spicy foods.. - Ananya

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10 Eat 3 extra sour Warheads at the same time or drink a regular-sized cup full of Tabasco?

3 sour Warheads - Luckys

Both seem a bit extreme for the bowels that's for sure. - htoutlaws2012

Hm, thanks to hearing about a kid who had a hole burned in his tongue from a Warheads lolly, I'll take the Tabasco. - Entranced98

3 sour warheads

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