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1 Be romantically in love with watermelons or give up eating watermelon forever?

Be romantically in love, I love watermelons so much I got a cringe tattoo of one on my chest. - AlphaQ

Give it up, it makes me want to puke. - Luckys

Be romantically in love with them. Then I'd weep every time I slice one up and eat it, but that's still worthwhile. - Entranced98

Give it up. Barely even eat melons anyways. - mattstat716

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2 Give up pizza forever or give up French fries forever?

Fries, I guess...I love fries but pizza is the goat of food. - AlphaQ

Super tricky choice, but fries. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Give up pizza, fries 4eva - Luckys

Fries. Hands off my pizza! - Entranced98

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3 Give up cheese forever or give up chips forever?

Cheese...this is so damn hard. I will keep chips because of nachos. - AlphaQ


Give up Chips. - Luckys

Cheese forever, chips never die out what as with Diary can catch to people eventually. - htoutlaws2012

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4 Never have cookies ever again or never have pastries ever again?

Never have cookies - DaWyteNight

Never have pastries. - Luckys

I definitely want the pastries... nom.

Well seeing that I get pastries once in a great blue moon never really have it much anyway. - htoutlaws2012

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5 Never have a single bit of chocolate cake or never have an ice cream cone?

Ice cream cone because I can always eat if from a bowl. - AlphaQ

Never have an ice cream cone. - Luckys

Better question a lick of chocolate cake, or just a Ice cream less cone to eat outta. Let's go with the cone on that one. - htoutlaws2012

Never have an ice cream cone. I could still eat the ice cream from a bowl. - Entranced98

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6 Give up chicken or steak?

Steak, it's pretty forgettable and I love chicken so much. - AlphaQ

I love both, but you will not be taking Fried Chicken away from me. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

U no touch my steak and chicken - BlazingParasol

I can't even think about at all. - Ananya

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7 Give up all chocolate or give up all candy but chocolate?

Give up candy, I can have chocolate candy, chocolate cookies and chocolate marijuana and be happy boy. - AlphaQ

Candy, I guess? A chocolate weed a day keep the Alpha a happy boi. - AlphaQ

I have succeeded in giving up all candy but chocolate.

Give up candy, although my dad would get me back into it. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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8 Never be able to add salt to anything or never be able to add sugar to anything?

Never add sugar for sure, who adds sugar to their everyday food? Salt is way more tastier on normal food than sugar, no one gonna add sugar to normal food like broccoli, vegetables or ecstasy. - AlphaQ

Never add sugar definitely - DaWyteNight

Don't add salt because its worst on everything minus french fries heart attack city. - htoutlaws2012

I choose pepper. - mattstat716

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9 Give up sweet treats or spicy foods?

Hard choice but spicy food, I can handle spice well but I love sweet stuff too much. - AlphaQ

Sweet treats easily - DaWyteNight

Give up sweet treats. - Luckys

Spicy! I hate spicy! - ArcticWolf

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10 Eat 3 extra sour Warheads at the same time or drink a regular-sized cup full of Tabasco?

Warheads. Maybe if I had to drink some other kind of hot sauce, sure, but Tabasco is not my favourite hot sauce on its own. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Warheads, I have chugged a whole bottle of Tabasco and it didn't end well for me. - AlphaQ

I would drink the Tabasco

3 sour Warheads - Luckys

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11 Would you rather eat only your least favorite food for a week or eat nothing at all for a week?

Nothing at all - DaWyteNight

Nothing at all. - AlphaQ

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1. Be romantically in love with watermelons or give up eating watermelon forever?
2. Give up all chocolate or give up all candy but chocolate?
3. Give up chicken or steak?


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