Top 10 Jelly Belly Flavors that Need to Be Created

Those are some of the Jelly Belly flavors that really need to be created. Those ideas wouldn't hurt anyone.
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1 Strawberry Shortcake

This would definitely be one of the best flavors to be created, if it happens. Also, I want it to taste exactly like the combination of Strawberry Jam and French Vanilla, together.

I bet that would taste delicious.

2 Marzipan

Marzipan is definitely one of the best sweet snacks of all time. It tastes so good. This would be an excellent idea to create this flavor in a jelly bean form.

3 Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry lemonade would definitely be a great flavor to exist. It's basically a lemonade with raspberries.

4 Crush Cream Soda

I know that the A&W Cream Soda flavor already exist, but there should be a Crush Cream Soda, instead. It would be a great flavor, to be honest.

Bro this would taste SO good!

5 Lemon Meringue Pie

This is another lemon flavor that really need to exist. It would be a very sweet lemon flavor.

I agree! Bro I want this flavor to be honest

6 Pepsi Cola

The Pepsi Cola flavor wouldn't be a bad idea, at all. We need a cola flavor. Also, Pepsi is a bit better than Coca-Cola, in my opinion. However, both are good colas, if you ask me.

7 Raspberry Jam

We already have the Raspberry flavor, but Raspberry Jam would be even sweeter than the actual Raspberry flavor. It wouldn't be a bad idea to create this flavor.

8 Neapolitan Ice Cream

This would be such a great flavor. It's a great combination of strawberries, vanilla and chocolate.

This would definitely be delicious.

9 Chocolate Chip Cookie

This would be a good flavor idea. Like seriously, who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies?

Sounds kind of gross

10 Root Beer Float

I would try that one.

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11 Peach Ice Cream

I don't know if this one has been created, but I added it anyway.

12 Raisin

Raisins are dried grapes. They're also really sweet. It would definitely be a decent flavor idea.

13 Iced Tea
14 Cookies and Cream
15 Pizza

Eh, I don't know. I think pizza would be a weird Jelly Belly flavor if it was created.

16 PB&J Sandwich
17 Cough Syrup
18 Caramilk
19 Cheerios
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