Best PRIME Hydration Flavors

KSI and Logan Paul's drink. It's pretty good, but some flavors are clearly better than others.
The Top Ten
1 Blue Raspberry

The best flavour

Yum yum in my tum

2 Lemon Lime

Tastes like sprite

3 Lemonade

Should be number 1

Should be higher

Why is this so low

Put this higher

4 Ice Pop
5 Orange

I mean it Alright

6 Grape

Tastes like medicine

7 Metamoon
8 Tropical Punch

How is this second last? This is literally the best flavour.

9 Strawberry Watermelon
10 KSI's Flavour
The Contenders
11 Glowberry

How wasn't this on the list?

12 Ice Pop Fly (LA Dodgers)
13 UFC (Black)
14 UFC (White)
15 Barcelona (FC Barcelona)
16 Bayern (FC Bayern Munich)
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