Best Foodfight! Characters

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1 Mr. Clipboard

I think I know who made this list to a terrible movie.. The Director! - Mumbizz01

Whoever made this list must be a fan of Dora The Explorer and Mr. Pickles

None of the Foodfight! characters are memorable. They all stink. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Who made.this foodfight sucks who ever made this list must be some bezd (worzd) Chanl fanboy

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2 Lady X

I like this guy, my ex- choirmaster looks like him

3 Dex Dogtective Dex Dogtective

Imagine if Princess Peach were fully naked! That would be so sexy since she has thick, feminine thighs, a slender body and a big, circular butt. And yes, I remember the reasons why I used to be too harsh on Princess Peach. They were useless excuses to hate specific modern Mario games. There is a reason why I said that I prefer Princess Peach in her sports outfit than as a princess on my formerly negative review of Super Mario Galaxy. - The Ultimate Daredevil

To be honest, I actually TRIED to like Dex Dogtective, but since awful food puns completely ruin his character, I can't really like him. He could have been a promising character, but the whole movie screwed him up. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually like Dex, he should be #1

I agree with the Last comment Mario bros is infinito times better than foodfight

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4 Mr. Clean

I like this guy, my ex- choirmaster looks like him

Mr. Clean Mr. Clean

He is likeable because he doesn't show up that much

5 Sunshine Goodness
6 Polar Penguin
7 Mr. Leonard
8 Lady X'S Henchmen
9 Charlie the Tuna
10 Chester the Weasel

The Contenders

11 Vlad Chocul
12 Maximillus Moose
13 Daredevil Dan

The ONLY cool Foodfight character, how is he not #1? the other characters suck

14 Mrs. Butterworth
15 Sweetcakes
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