Best Foodfight! Characters

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1 Mr. Clipboard

I think I know who made this list to a terrible movie.. The Director! - Mumbizz01

Whoever made this list must be a fan of Dora The Explorer and Mr. Pickles

None of the Foodfight! characters are memorable. They all stink. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If the Foodfight! characters were in Minecraft, they would quickly die:

Dex gets shot by an arrow from a skeleton

Sunshine gets blown up by a creeper

Clipboard gets his brain eaten by a zombie

Maximillus dies of a poison spell from a Witch

and Lady X gets burned by a blaze

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2 Lady X

I like this guy, my ex- choirmaster looks like him

3 Dex Dogtective

To be honest, I actually TRIED to like Dex Dogtective, but since awful food puns completely ruin his character, I can't really like him. He could have been a promising character, but the whole movie screwed him up. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually like Dex, he should be #1

If the characters were sent to Super Mario Brothers, Mario would jump on Dex Dogtective's head, Peach would crush Sunshine Goodness with her butt, Wario would use his deadly farts on Daredevil Dan, Bowser would breath out fire to burn Mr. Clipboard, and Magikoopa would cast a spell on Lady X to kill her

I agree with the Last comment Mario bros is infinito times better than foodfight

4 Mr. Clean

I like this guy, my ex- choirmaster looks like him

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5 Sunshine Goodness
6 Polar Penguin
7 Mr. Leonard
8 Lady X'S Henchmen
9 Charlie the Tuna
10 Chester the Weasel

The Contenders

11 Vlad Chocul
12 Maximillus Moose
13 Daredevil Dan

The ONLY cool Foodfight character, how is he not #1? the other characters suck

14 Mrs. Butterworth
15 Sweetcakes
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