Top 10 Foods That Are Served at Thanksgiving and Christmas

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving & are about to go into Christmas, so why not? There's lots of delicious foods that are eaten at meals for both holidays.

The Top Ten

1 Ham


Ham tastes even better when it's honeyed! - Luxam

2 Mashed Potatoes

You can't forget the savory gravy that goes with them. - Luxam

Hm, mashed potatoes - Martinglez

3 Potato Casserole
4 Garlic Bread

Most people don't seem to like garlic food, but I love the taste of it! - Luxam

5 Cranberries

Cranberries are delish. They're my favorite food for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas. - Luxam

6 Cream Pie
7 Duck

Duck is really flavorful & juicy! - Luxam

8 Bread Rolls
9 Turkey

I prepare turkey with my mom every year on christmas and it's so yummy! I love christmas, being together with my family. Preparing turkey is like a tradition for almost 2 or 3 years for me and my family

10 Green Beans

I don't like eaten them by themselves, but I do like eating them with some dishes. - Luxam

The Contenders

11 Rice

My family is Asian and we serve fried rice during the holidays sometimes

12 Pumpkin Pie

Later we'll have some PUMPKIN PIE and we'll do some caroling!

I absolutely love pumpkin pie! - railfan99

13 Baby Back Ribs
14 Cornbread Dressing
15 Candied Yams
16 Turducken
17 Cake
18 Noodles Noodles
19 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.
20 Champagne
21 Potato Chips Potato Chips
22 Sparkling Cider
23 Egg roll
24 Vegetables Vegetables
25 Jello
26 Cupcakes Cupcakes
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1. Turkey
2. Ham
3. Mashed Potatoes
1. Ham
2. Mashed Potatoes
3. Cranberries
1. Ham
2. Potato Casserole
3. Mashed Potatoes


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