Top 10 Foods That Are Served at Thanksgiving and Christmas

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving & are about to go into Christmas, so why not? There's lots of delicious foods that are eaten at meals for both holidays.

The Top Ten

1 Ham

Ham tastes even better when it's honeyed! - Luxam


2 Mashed Potatoes

You can't forget the savory gravy that goes with them. - Luxam

Hm, mashed potatoes - Martinglez

3 Potato Casserole
4 Garlic Bread

Most people don't seem to like garlic food, but I love the taste of it! - Luxam

5 Cranberries

Cranberries are delish. They're my favorite food for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas. - Luxam

6 Cream Pie
7 Duck

Duck is really flavorful & juicy! - Luxam

8 Bread Rolls
9 Turkey

I prepare turkey with my mom every year on christmas and it's so yummy! I love christmas, being together with my family. Preparing turkey is like a tradition for almost 2 or 3 years for me and my family

10 Green Beans

I don't like eaten them by themselves, but I do like eating them with some dishes. - Luxam

The Contenders

11 Rice
12 Pumpkin Pie

I absolutely love pumpkin pie! - railfan99

13 Baby Back Ribs

My mom makes this every year. - PrincessKiana

14 Cornbread Dressing
15 Candied Yams
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