Top 10 Foods and Beverages Created By Accident

Just about every food has an interesting story behind it, and some of those were actually happy accidents, whether it was out of laziness, improvisation, luck, or out of unforeseen circumstances. Here, we take a look at the best accidental food inventions, and boy, are we glad for these "accidents".

The Top Ten

1 Sandwiches

this is an intresting list I didn't know that the foods we love and eat today were created by

I'm glad all the things on here were created because they are all delicious!

Refusing to get up from his seat as he was in the middle of an intense gambling session, John Montagu requested for meat placed between two pieces of bread be brought to him. While some others believe that it was work which kept him at his desk for many hours, either way it was Montagu's refusal to get up for a meal that resulted in the creation of one of the most famous finger foods.

The greatest mistake ever(Literally because Sandwiches are delicious)

2 Popsicles

Imagine how popular that kid would be if this happened today. It would be all over the Internet

This was actually the most iconic one of foods being invented by accident since it was caused by an 11-year old.

Who created the invention? An 11-year-old.
It all happened when Frank Epperson left a cup filled with powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick on his porch overnight in 1905. Because of the low temperature that night, Epperson discovered the mixture completely frozen the following morning, and the summertime staple was made.

When I was eleven, I did absolutely nothing

3 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Ruth Wakefield confirmed she wanted to give people something different. Don't believe me? Google it. 100% made on purpose.

One day, when Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, ran out of baker's chocolate, she decided to add small pieces of sweetened chocolate to her batter as a substitute. She had expected the chocolate to melt, but the result was even better. The chips didn't spread, and instead they retained their individual form, softening to a moist, gooey melt. Thus, the chocolate chip cookie was born.

I don't know where I would be in life if this hadn't happened

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

4 Cheese Puffs

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The story of the cheese curls' creation is weirder than you think. They're the by-product of animal feed.

The Flakall Company invented a machine that crushed grains for animal feed without hulls and grain dust. While attempting to produce animal feed through the machine, it wasn’t perfect, and it needed cleaning for the clogging to be reduced, and so, Flakall workers put moistened corn into the grinder. However, during the process, the machine got so hot that the moist corn didn’t flake out anymore, but puffed up instead. Edward Wilson, an employee, saw potential in the little puffs and took some home, where he experimented on them and developed them into a snack—a snack he called Korn Kurls.

5 Potato Chips

Like Misfire said, the potato chip was a hard potato that a chef's customers hated, so he cut it into small, chip-like shapes to spite them. To his surprise, everyone loved it, giving rise to one of the most iconic foods in history.

An unsatisfied customer at Saratoga Springs' Moon Lake House kept complaining how his fries were too thick. After the chef had enough of it, he decided to slice the last batch of potatoes as thinly as he could, and to his surprise, the customer loved the result.

This is a very popular snack today

Awesome food

6 Burrito

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How was this created? - Randomator

I'd like to know, too. When I researched about this, all it said was that it was created sometime around 1910 and that whoever made this or how it was made is not known. I didn't add this by the way. - Misfire

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7 Coca-Cola

When Atlanta banned the sale of alcohol in 1985, Pemberton decided to create a purely coca-based version of his "French Wine Coca", a syrup of wine and coca extract he made to cure his addiction to morphine. He mixed it with carbonated water, and the result was the beverage called "Coca Cola". - Misfire

Awesome cans - darthvadern

8 Nachos

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It all happened in 1943 when a group of ten military wives decided to stop by for some dinner at the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Unable to track down the chef, maître d’ Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya decided to improvise and cook something out of what was left in the kitchen, creating the Mexican staple we know today as the "Nachos". - Misfire

9 Ice Cream Cones

While the first ice cream cone was produced by Italo Marchiony in 1896, a similar creation was independently introduced in 1904 by Ernest A. Hamwi. At the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, Hamwi was selling a crisp, waffle-like pastry (called zalabis) in a booth right next to an ice cream vendor who had ran out of cups. To help solve the problem of his neighboring concessionaire, Hamwi rolled one of his waffles into the shape of a cone, so that his neighbor's ice cream could be held inside. Customers loved it, and thus, the idea was caught on.

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Never would have thought that’s how they were created

10 Slurpees

The Slurpee was invented not in 7-Eleven, but in a Dairy Queen in Kansas. In the late-1950s after his soda fountain broke down, Omar Knedlik, owner of the store, was forced to move his soda to the freezer. Knedlik accidentally left them there a bit too long, however, but even then, he decided to sell the partially frozen drinks anyway. Customers were wild about them, and because of how much they loved it, Knedlik decided to cobble together a machine that would keep producing his partially frozen sodas.

Aah yes

The Contenders

11 Corn Flakes

Brothers John and Will Kellogg were trying to make granola when they made corn flakes by accident. In 1898, the siblings were unaware that they left a pot of boiled wheat go stale, and when they found out about this, they decided to experiment on it to see what they could do with it. To their surprise, instead of obtaining long sheets of the dough as what they had hoped, what they found instead were flakes, which the brothers then toasted. The rest was history; breakfast hasn't been the same since. - Misfire

Yeah, the Wheaties story is what can come up in the top of my mind when I approach on this list. - Kevinsidis

A classic breakfast dish - darthvadern

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