Top 10 Foods to Bring on a Day Hike

Passionate into hiking? Here are the top 10 best foods to bring while on a day hike. Consider foods that are lightweight, nutritious, and energizing foods; don't hoard as much additional food that you're not going to eat anyways during your hike as they hold up more weight in your bag. It is recommended that you bring significant amounts of healthy, and lightweight foods suitable for your hike.
The Top Ten
1 Granola Bars

Granola Bars are usually ideal to bring on a hike. Make sure they're healthy though; Oats, mixed nuts, dehydrated fruits blended in a granola bar are usually effective on the hike. If you are unable to find healthy granola bars at your location, homemade granola bars are better made than purchased.

2 Fruits

A container of mixed fruits usually does the job, as they also hold little amounts of water in them. The natural sugars in the fruits is enough to re-energize yourself in the hiking session. You can bring various fruits including heavier ones but pack what's suitable for you.

3 Dried Fruits

Like fruits, but dehydrated. The thoughts on this food are very similar to fruits but the difference is, dehydrated foods like these tend to expire later.

4 Eggs

Preferably hard boiled eggs; we all know that eggs are a very nutritious snack right? Eggs are especially a vital snack to bring to a hike as it is nutritious. The protein contained on the egg is enough to hike more efficiently.

5 Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

Bringing chocolate is a great choice to drastically increase energy levels. A small nibble of chocolate works best; since eating chocolate is also known to significantly increase body temperature, it is a recommendation to bring on for colder environments.

Wasn't expecting to see chocolate on here.

6 Nuts

A variety of nuts are very lightweight and nutritious to bring on a day hike; definitely a recommendation (unless you're allergic to nuts). Almonds, macadamia, peanuts, whatever floats your boat. Even though they are lightweight, just don't pack too many of them. Almonds are personally a very suitable choice for a hike.

7 Seeds

Bring a wide range of mixed edible seeds, as they are nutritional and very lightweight. A container full of seeds will leave you fully satisfied.

8 Tuna

Tuna makes the overall hike experience better personally; it provides protein and is generally nutritious. Additionally, it is frequently eaten with crackers.

9 Crackers

Crackers can usually provide fulfilling energy on a day hike; blend them together with canned tunas to get an additional boost.

10 Jerky

A protein snack is definitely a good choice for a day hike.

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11 Trail Mix

Everything on this list mixed together

The classic hiking snack

12 Potato Chips
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