Top 10 Foods and Drinks in the Greek Cuisine

The Top Ten

1 Greek Salad
2 Souvlaki
3 Greek Feta
4 Tzatziki
5 Gyro

(or gyros)
It's basically shawarma / döner kebab (meat, cooked on a vertical rotisserie) - Metal_Treasure

6 Keftedes

(aka Greek meatballs) - fried meatballs - Metal_Treasure

7 Ouzo
8 Moussaka
9 Dolmades

Dolmades are stuffed grape leaves, usually with rice and ground meat.
Often served with tzatziki, yogurt, or egg-lemon sauce. - Metal_Treasure

10 Greek Coffee

The same type of coffee is called Turkish Coffee in Turkey (it uses a method of preparing unfiltered coffee) - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Yogurt

Greek yogurt aka Strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, or labaneh, is yogurt that has been strained to remove most of its whey, resulting in a thicker consistency than unstrained yogurt. - Metal_Treasure

12 Oranges
13 Olives
14 Lamb
15 Metaxa

Metaxa is a quality brandy invented by Spyros Metaxas in 1888. - Metal_Treasure

16 Mastika

Mastika is a liqueur seasoned with mastic, a resin gathered from the mastic tree (a small evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region). - Metal_Treasure

17 Spanakopita
18 Baklava
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